9 Oct 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Eyeshadows Review & Swatches [Turquoise Teal & Timeless Black]

I bought Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 HR eyeshadows in July, Its not a new product its been out for a while now, I've been really enjoying this product:)
Left: 20 Tourquoise Teal , Right: 60 Timeless Black
I love the packaging it is a glass jar with a black plastic lid, once it is open it is good to go for 24 months.

The texture of this product is a mix of cream and gel....some of these are more creamy and smoother.Both of these colors have buildable coverage, which provides versatility, you can wear them lightly or build the colors to get opacity.

Staying power is the highlight of this product since these are marketed as the "Tattoo 24 hr" eyeshadows...I think it lives up to the expectation. Once it is on it is hard to take off . They do feel heavy and dry on lids after a couple of hours but do not appear so!

Timeless black: I already have a lot of black eyeshadows so I wasn't really exited for this one...but this turned out to be my favourite it is a gorgeous semi matte Black, coverage is buildable...it can be worn as a smokey soft black or as an intense black.It is creamier than Turquoise Teal.
Turquoise Teal is a gorgeous blue with silver blue shimmer, the chunky glitters makes it a little hard to blend this color, this shade is not as smooth and creamy as Timeless Black. The color is buildable and can be worn as a pretty light blue or a deep blue.

Both these colors are hard to take off, a lot of rubbing is required, a good oil based remover should be used for a gentle easy cleansing. 

I find they work fine without an eye  primer, a primer doesn't really make a difference in terms of staying power, blending and pigmentation. Maybelline Tattoo eyeshadows are pretty good alone. Eight new "gorgeous"colors are introduced in the limited collection for Fall 2012 .I think some of the gorgeous colors should be included in the permanent selection.

Why I like these:
Buildable coverage which makes it versatile,  perfect for oily/sweaty lids, extremely long lasting, amazing price, nice packaging, good quality, good color selection, both Turquoise Teal, Timeless Black and most colors from this range will suit any skin color.

I can't wait to try more colors.I need to pick up at least 3 more.

Price, Availability: These are available at most drugstores, Maybelline is a widely distributed cosmetic brand, costs around $6 to $9. Names of eyeshadows are different in UK and USA.
I got them for 6 euro each.
You can get them from Naheed super market Karachi, I haven't seen them anywhere else in Karachi.
Check out more colors from this range HERE .

Aren't these pretty?  Do you think Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 HR eyeshaodw range is a drugstore answer to Makeup Forever Aqua creams, Mac's Paint Pots or Stila Smudgepots?


  1. Nice picks, i need to get some of these! ;)

  2. great review.i love maybelline color tattoos.
    i am following you now.would b glad if you follow back ^_^


    1. Thank you so much for visiting, I will check out your blog as well:)

  3. wow black color is looking so tempted girl :) nice review

  4. I saw these at Scentsation the other day! I wanted the Bronze one but they were sold out.

    1. Oh really ,I have to pick up a few more so I will definitely check them out at Sensation.

  5. I tagged you the Laine blogger award on my blog


  6. I really wana thank you for providing such informative and qualitative material so often.numb cream tattoo


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