18 Jul 2011

Clean&Clear Oxygenating Facial Scrub

hey everyone! i just found a great scrub that i have been using for almost a month now...so i guess its time for a review...i have been trying scrubs and nothing seems to work..some are really scratchy and hard on my skin and some are to mild they don't even feel like scrubbing my face.... than i read a review about this Clean&Clear Oxygenating Facial Scrub since i am pretty impressed with their other products here i thought to try this one out.

clean&clear oxygenating facial scrub
nothing is worth mentioning about the packaging..i paid Rs.545 for 141g that is almost $7...it doesn't mention if it is for a particular skin type but i guess everyone regardless of the skin type can use this since we all require oxygen to breath!

it says on the back "it is a unique formula,infused with oxygen,that gently exfoliates skin,removes excess dirt,oil and dead skin cells to reveal softer more healthy looking skin,use Clean&Clear Oxygenating Facial Scrub for a clean so deep it allows your skin to breath"

i am really impressed  with this scrub...it has exactly the kind of scrubbing beads i wanted...it is not harsh and not to mild..it has very fine whitish beads and than it has blue beads...a pea size amount is enough for the face...i love how it makes my skin super soft,fresh and clearer..it didn't give any kind of trouble to my sensitive and pimple prone skin.this scrub is not creamy...it is has a gel like consistency and it doesn't completely lather up...it feels very cool against my skin and it has a minty smell.i would definitely try out other scrubs as well...but right now i am pretty satisfied with this purchase!

13 Jul 2011

Review Of L'Oreal Elvive Shampoos

me and my sister are always searching for a good shampoo...honestly i lost my interest in shampoos...they cant do anything other than cleaning the regular dirt from the hairs...one day when we were shopping scratching our heads couldn't decide what shampoo to try this time...than she picked up a bottle of Elvive Total Repair 5..."the add is interesting" aishwarya says "5 problems,1 solution" i said lets try this....and yeah we fell in love with this shampoo probably the best shampoo we have ever used.later i decided to buy the anti dandruff shampoo but let me first review the total repair 5.

 left to right...L'Oreal Evlive Total Repair5 and 
Elvive Anti Dandruff Active Selenium

Review:L'Oreal Elvive total repair 5
it claims to fight the 5 signs of damaged hair.
1.hair fall 2.roughness 3.dullness 4.limpness and 5.split ends
 honestly this shampoo is like no other shampoo...my sister has rough dry hair with split ends this shampoo is really a solution for all of her hair problems including hair fall...her split ends are completely gone..i didn't know a shampoo can put an end to the split ends..this is amazing.i suffered from hair loss, limpness of hair and frizziness...it cleared all my concerns:)
the shampoo is milky white in texture and color...the scent of this shampoo is very light and pleasant...a little amount of this shampoo is enough even for oily hairs...it cleanses the scalp efficiently and leave our hair manageabley soft and shiny.this is my holy grail shampoo.i bought the small bottle for Rs.345.

Review:L'Oreal Elvive Active Dandruff  
Active Selenium
i used this shampoo when i was convinced with total repair 5....and the reason why i used this was because i get dandruff in winters my scalp turns very dry,itchy so i thought i should try this out...in just three days my i had a dandruff free scalp...it completely got rid of itching and discomfort caused my dandruff... it is yellow in color it also control hair fall and leaves the hair manageable soft and smooth.i only used this one for two months  the winter has gone so i got back to total repair 5:)i bought the small bottle for Rs.345....i am really impressed with loreal shampoos...they are affordable and extremely effective as well.

NOTE: L'Oreal Elvive shampoos are renamed and repackaged in some countries but in India and Pakistan these are still available under old packaging and name...this cant be the old stock,i am pretty sure it is just their market strategy to keep it the same way in Pakistan and India.

9 Jul 2011

my 3step affordable skin care routine

i have been wasting a lot of money on expensive skincare items and each time they failed me...or maybe i was expecting alot...because when you pay big bucks your expectations are high...anyways it all started long ago when i was in Naheed super market and i saw this clean&clear toner and i thought to give this a try...i used it and loved it so much and later i bought the moisturizer and face wash as well...so here are the reviews...you might want to try them out!!

clean&clear moisturizer,toner and acne cleanser

clean&clear oil controlling toner:
it claims that "it removes oil and dirt which clog pores and it contains ingredients to help prevent blemishes".
 i have been using this toner for about six months now...it has a fresh minty smell.. doesn't smell like a  typical astringent...i damp a cotton pad with this toner and clean my skin,it removes oil,dirt and makeup as well and my skin feels soft,clear and fresh without getting  over dry..i have noticed a visible reduction in oiliness ever since im using this toner.

clean&clear oil free moisturizer:
it claims"the oil free formula without moisturizes the skin greasiness,does not clog pores and help prevent blemishes".

thank God i have found this....it has a lovely fresh slightly fruity smell.it is white in color the texture of the product is smooth and non oily...i apply  a pea size amount of this on my face and pea size on my neck...it takes a minute to get absorbed in the skin...since i have oily and pimple prone skin i used salicylic acid base face wash that dry certain parts of my skin especially my jaw area...ever since im using this moisturizer my skin has become soft and smooth makeup blends easily..it keeps my skin radiant looking....i totally love this!!

clean&clear acne clearing cleanser:
it claims that "it cleanses thoroughly into pores,removes oil dirt and impurities that causes pimples,help prevent development of new pimples ,reduces discomfort from acne irritated skin".
it has a minty fresh smell and it is blue green in color....unlike other acne face washes it doesn't dry out my skin..it makes my skin soft,fresh and well hydrated without a feeling greasiness.it really reduces the itching and pain that pimples caused me...but i would not recommend it for serious acne it is more suitable for those who gets frequent pimples due to oil and dirt in skin.

the combination of moisturizer and toner had reduced the oiliness,blemishes from my skin...this moisturizer and toner is made in Thailand. moisturizer Rs.165(125ml,large bottle) toner Rs.85 (50ml,small bottle) and cleanser Rs.125 (50g,small tube)... 
have you used any of these products?you can comment and share your experience here it'll might help others!
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