4 May 2012

MUA Makeup Academy Single Eyeshadows-Review,Swatches

Before I start the review let me share the exciting news that MUA cosmetics has recently launched their cosmetics in Pakistan,You can order their cosmetics only from  www.just4girls.pk

I got the eyeshadows almost 8 months back when a dear friend was visiting UK,I only got myself 4 eyeshadows mainly because I have super sensitive eyes...my eyes easily get irritated,watery, itchy.so when it comes to eye makeup I can't take risk and thats one of the reason I dont wear and buy alot of eye makeup:( so I bought 4 eyeshadows just to see if it works fine..and it did:)  to my surprise non of the four single eyeshadows irritated my eyes.
left top MUA shade 12,right top shade 7 bottom left shade 9 bottom left shade 3

left to right MUA shade 12 and 3
left to right MUA shade 3,7,12 and 9
The four single eyeshadow I got are shade No.3,9,7 and 12 and all of these are pearl finish, MUA also have matte finish eye shadows in singles.All of these colors are very smooth,easy to blend,super pigmented.they are not as frosty and metallic as they look in the swatches but they are shimmery,each eyeshadow contain 2 grams of product which is alot for just 1 pound (Rs.200),I dont use an eye primer with them because they don't  crease and are very pigmented. 

MUA  Eyeshadow 9 (pearl) This one is the most loved and most worn out of all four colors...its a gorgeous bright purple with magenta hues,very smooth and pigmented.

MUA Eyeshadow 12 (pearl) Most people describe it as a dupe of Mac's club...Mac's club is more brownish and taupe ish (duo chrome). MUA shade 12 is a very deep brown with taupish and reddish background.

MUA Eyeshadow 7 (pearl): Its a frosty smokey deep green and it has gold shimmer in it.

MUA Eyeshadow 3 (pearl) A very deep gun metal silver and it has silver shimmer.

Availability: From Superdrug UK and www.just4girls.pk (for Pakistan)

I am planning an international giveaway and also a special giveaway for Pakistani fans...if you want it to be a MUA giveaway please let me know in the comments below:) 

Much love.


  1. I love the colours especially the purple one :)

  2. These are beautiful, that purple is so much more vibrant swatched than I thought it would be based on the pan!

    1. P.S., I tagged you for a Q & A thing over on my blog!

  3. they look super pigmented love the review

    1. Thank you SadeeStyle,I am glad you liked the review:)

  4. Such intense colours for only Rs 200. Wow! =D

  5. i love that purple!! Its such a gorgeous duochrome!

  6. These are SO amazing!

    Love your blog, following now :)

    1. Thank you so much for joining my blog...your comment made my day:)


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