9 Oct 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Eyeshadows Review & Swatches [Turquoise Teal & Timeless Black]

I bought Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 HR eyeshadows in July, Its not a new product its been out for a while now, I've been really enjoying this product:)
Left: 20 Tourquoise Teal , Right: 60 Timeless Black
I love the packaging it is a glass jar with a black plastic lid, once it is open it is good to go for 24 months.

The texture of this product is a mix of cream and gel....some of these are more creamy and smoother.Both of these colors have buildable coverage, which provides versatility, you can wear them lightly or build the colors to get opacity.

Staying power is the highlight of this product since these are marketed as the "Tattoo 24 hr" eyeshadows...I think it lives up to the expectation. Once it is on it is hard to take off . They do feel heavy and dry on lids after a couple of hours but do not appear so!

Timeless black: I already have a lot of black eyeshadows so I wasn't really exited for this one...but this turned out to be my favourite it is a gorgeous semi matte Black, coverage is buildable...it can be worn as a smokey soft black or as an intense black.It is creamier than Turquoise Teal.
Turquoise Teal is a gorgeous blue with silver blue shimmer, the chunky glitters makes it a little hard to blend this color, this shade is not as smooth and creamy as Timeless Black. The color is buildable and can be worn as a pretty light blue or a deep blue.

Both these colors are hard to take off, a lot of rubbing is required, a good oil based remover should be used for a gentle easy cleansing. 

I find they work fine without an eye  primer, a primer doesn't really make a difference in terms of staying power, blending and pigmentation. Maybelline Tattoo eyeshadows are pretty good alone. Eight new "gorgeous"colors are introduced in the limited collection for Fall 2012 .I think some of the gorgeous colors should be included in the permanent selection.

Why I like these:
Buildable coverage which makes it versatile,  perfect for oily/sweaty lids, extremely long lasting, amazing price, nice packaging, good quality, good color selection, both Turquoise Teal, Timeless Black and most colors from this range will suit any skin color.

I can't wait to try more colors.I need to pick up at least 3 more.

Price, Availability: These are available at most drugstores, Maybelline is a widely distributed cosmetic brand, costs around $6 to $9. Names of eyeshadows are different in UK and USA.
I got them for 6 euro each.
You can get them from Naheed super market Karachi, I haven't seen them anywhere else in Karachi.
Check out more colors from this range HERE .

Aren't these pretty?  Do you think Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 HR eyeshaodw range is a drugstore answer to Makeup Forever Aqua creams, Mac's Paint Pots or Stila Smudgepots?

5 Oct 2012

e.l.f Mineral Lipsticks in Pouty Petal & Rosy Raisin - Review Swatches

Its been quite a long time since I last undated my blog and this post is long over due.You must have read quite a lot of reviews of e.l.f mineral lipsticks by now. I bought them a few months back, I just wanted to try them so I picked up the colors that received raved reviews. Packaging is very nice, simple black tube with "e.l.f " written on the top of the cap.
Left: Pouty Petal , Right: Rosy Raisin
(Without Flash)Left:Rosy Raisin, Right:Pouty Petal        (With Flash) Top: Rosy Raisin, Bottom: Pouty Petal
Rosy Raisin is a sheer cool toned pinky brown with a hint of silver, the fine silver shimmer is almost unnoticeable on lips.
Pouty Petal is a sheer cool toned pink with gold shimmer, shimmer is very fine but noticeable on lips.

These lipsticks has the same feel that maybelline mineral lipsticks had, smooth and light weight...both colors are very sheer and very similar.I have to rub them on my lips to get some color.They glide on very smoothly almost like a lip balm. Staying power is average. Once the lipsticks are opened they should be used within 6 months, ingredients and other details are mentioned on the box of the lipsticks,each e.l.f lipstick contain 3.8 grams of product.

don't have dry and chapped lips but when I take off these lipsticks my lips feel dry and chapped,I don't mind it because I don't wear same lipsticks everyday.Each lipstick was £3.5 when I bought them from UK website now they are available for £.5  , and you can choose from 16 colors.(prices are different in different countries) Check out e.l.f UK website HERE to view more colors of e.l.f mineral lipsticks.

Have you tried any mineral lipsticks from e.l.f...Its a good product and worth trying out!

27 Aug 2012

Cheap & Cheerful :)

I must be having a lucky day...I bought some really good stuff without spending a lot, inexpensive products are not always less good.

Sunsilk straight and sleek- anti frizz lotion is a thick white lotion that can be used on damp or dry hairs to control frizz, I thought it is also a heat protector but its not but it can be used with blow dry and strengtheners it doesn't provide heat protection but it cuts down the time of blow drying or strengthening:) I personally use it alone usually on dry hairs when I don't feel like spending time on straightening...when the first time I used this product I was like.... wow!!! it givess the softest look and takes away all the frizz and makes my hair soft and manageable.I bought it for only Rs.192 and its Thailand made.
I am a lip balm fanatic...I have so many lip balms I need to finish first and I keep on buying more in cute jars. I bought the red jar (apple flavor) for Rs. 100 and I use it almost every day but it is still as good as new, it leaves my lips soft and glossy with a little cherry tint.The Banana Boat sunblock for lips spf 30 for Rs.60, not really fond of the medicated smell but the best part is that it kind of absorbs in the lips and its not glossy and greasy so I really enjoy wearing this.
Young Chin Lightning Eye Cream Dark Circle Diminisher is for Dark Circles but honestly it hasn't lighten up my dark circles.. I love it because it hydrates and brightens up the eye area and it absorbs very quickly and feels fresh around eyes not heavy or greasy, perfect as a day eye cream for just Rs.150. ingredients included are  cucumber extract, vitamin A,E&B3, Aloe Vera.
I bought this new eye curler because my beloved Maybelline eye curler doesn't fit my eyes anymore...I am not sure  why and its weird..did it happen with anyone of you? I bought this eye lash curler for just Rs.100.....the curve perfectly fit my eyes and it keeps my lashes curled  for 3 days...crazy good:) and I got the brush for just Rs.120 this is the softest brush ever and I use it as a blush brush, blending is quick and effortless with it.
I never use refreshing/cleansing wipes because they dry out my skin but these cool&cool refreshing wipes are alcohol free and the best wipes I have ever use to remove makeup. sometimes I use it alone and sometimes after using my cleansing lotion I just sweep it all over my face and it removes every tiny bit of makeup.

I am so glad I found some good cheap alternates and I am able to save some of my money.Do you want to share your favorite cheapy:) 

________________have a nice day______________

24 Aug 2012

LIFE LATELY.......Ramadan,Eid, Cooking & Shopping!!

Hey everyone:) I hope all of you had a lovely Ramadan and Eid...I was very busy for the past few weeks...I got very sick on chand raat  and I was in bed till 4pm on the first day of Eid, it kind of took away the Eid fun:(  I am feeling quite well now.
I bought some makeup and skincare products over the month for Eid, some nail art accessories,The Bodyshop's vitamin C scrub and eye cream, color studio nail polish,essence eyeshadow palette,foundation and eye brush, L'Oreal blush, Maybelline color tattoo cream eyeshadow.
I bought lots of jewelry and had fun shopping through out the month...
My independence day celebration was grocery shopping with my sister:) we were so tired and got  stuck in a traffic jam:(  had our aftari at chatter box, an amazing aftari in one my favorites places to eat out.I got my dinner packed and ate it the other day.

 Cooking was highlight of the month, the odd cooking and eating hours in Ramadan really puts me in a lazy mood!
this is what I got packed for dinner and bought this cute independence day cupcake,it was the only cupcake left waiting for me...I guess!
Sheer Khurma and Rasmalai for eid:
  It was a wonderful and busy month of Ramadan as usual:) My busy schedule kept me  from blogging ...now life is back on track!

3 Aug 2012


Cosmetics giant Illamasqua is making a stand against the global giants of cosmetics, who force Australian customers to pay up to 61% more than UK prices. It's entirely unjust that a woman in the UK pays just $24 for a lipstick, while a woman in Australia has to pay $40 for exactly the same product.

 Illamasqua is an independent British colour cosmetics brand and, in the short time we've retailed in Australia, we've heard time and again your frustration over the inflated pricing of cosmetics compared to the rest of the world.

We have listened and want to slash our prices across our range in Australia. But first we need you to demonstrate to the industry that if we can make this change happen, you'll commit to buying our products. So please sign your name, make your mark, tell your friends, clench your fist and cry "hell no!"

I am so glad that finally a giant cosmetic brand took note of this, please go ahead and sign this petition to make it successful :) 

Please click here to sign the petition

Learn about the campaign here

30 Jul 2012

Almay one coat dial up Mascara & Almay crayon contour eyeliner [Review]

I have sensitive eyes and my eyes easily get irritated,itchy and watery if  I use a wrong product but I am still not sure what is the ingredient that irritates my eyes so I try my best to buy the eye products that claims to be save for sensitive eyes.Almay products are save for sensitive skin so I thought to try this one and it came with a free eyeliner....which I think is now discontinued.
Almay one coat dial up mascara has 3 different adjustable dial .When you rotate the purple part of the mascara it allows you to control the the product and the length and volume required for lashes.When the dial is twisted it opens up the tube and allows the brush to pick up more product to make lashes look full, fuller to fullest.My favorite volumizing mascara is Rimmel's volume flash but since it irritates my eyes I can't use it for up to 3,4 hours, Almay one coat dial up mascara has never irritated my eyes. I hardly twist up to the 3rd dial because it is super volumizing and lengthening and looks a bit odd for day time so I normally adjust the 2nd dial,the formula  is very thick so it is perfect for fine lashes. The wand is stiff and short but I really like the plastic bristle brush...it is small in fact it is a nice decent size, perfect for my eyes and it easily paints the inside and outside lashes. It has a good staying power, I didn't experience any smudging, clumping or flaking.I bought the blackest black for my lashes.Not very impressed with the thick tube looks more like a gadget than a mascara, I like nice sleek packaging but if the product is good I can absolutely ignore the packaging.

Honestly this mascara is pretty volumizing and lengthening.I really enjoy using this mascara, it volumises and it is super pigmented.

you can view this mascara HERE

Almay crayon contour pencil was a free gift with this mascara.I am not a fan of crayon pencils, it is not very black and it is quite dry but it has a great staying power,once its on it stays put forever. I just recently discovered that it has a sharper at the end:)) 

10 Jul 2012

CATRICE Photo Finish Liquid Foundation 18h [Review]

After trying out a bunch of foundation at Naheed super market I bought CATRICE photo finish liquid foundation, and I think the time spent, was worth it.I am definitely going to try out more products from Catrice, the quality is very good among other "affordable" brands.
with flash
Catrice Photo finish liquid foundation 18h  comes in a nice a glass bottle with a plastic lid and a pump dispenser.All the details about the foundation including the ingredients are mentioned on the bottle.This foundation is heavily fragranced I thought its going to give me a major headache but it didn't happen:). The texture is very interesting its like a whipped cream and its very easy to blend on face, no matter how much you shake the bottle, the foundation won't drip out, it won't even move. it looks dark in the tube but it isn't very dark on my skin, it is a good match for my complexion, I bought the deepest color 050 deep bronze, I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin because this foundation is very silky when applied on face and after 3 minutes it sets to a semi matte finish ,it is suitable for combination to oily skin. I apply it with my fingers and use a buffing brush later.It doesn't require a touch up for at least 5 hours.The coverage is buildable you can layer it on for a heavy look or just use a light layer.I have never tried any photo finish HD kind of foundation so I can't make any comparisons but this foundation photographs very well, it gives a  flawless and glowy look to my skin, the "soft focus effect" claim is 100% true.

You can view more shades of this foundation HERE ,ingredients HERE, Claims HERE

What I like About Catrice Photo Finish Liquid Foundation 18h

Easy to blend, smooth silky creamy texture, nicely packaged, provides a lasting finish, semi matte foundation but doesn't look heavy and cakey,  lightweight non greasy on skin, didn't break me out,doesn't require frequent touch ups, photographs well, good color match for my skin, its perfect for lighter to dark blemishes and acne coverage, doesn't clog pores.

Price I paid Rs. 820 for 30ml at Naheed super market.
I am definitely going to repurchase this foundation.

I recently announced a ZARA handbag giveaway hope you will join it here

Have a nice day:)

2 Jul 2012

Giveaway "Win a stylish handbag from ZARA"

I have been planning a few giveaways  and this is the first one I am announcing for you girls, you will have a chance to win a stylish bag from ZARA .

The lucky winner will have a choice of grabbing one of these handbags 

a) Mini shopper bag ( left)
b) Patent Leather shopper bag (right)

You must be a GFC follower (publicly) of my blog to enter this giveaway. This giveaway is open to everyone in USA and Europe. It would be lovely if you'll share this giveaway with your friends and family.If you wish to participate please fill the form below, don't forget to read the questions to avoid any confusion. Leave a comment in the comment section below this post  and tell me your choice from these two bags you wish to win. This giveaway will run till the end of July 2012 and I will announce the winner within the first week of August on my Facebook fan page. Wish you all the best!

21 Jun 2012

The Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare Starter Kit

I went to the Body Shop to buy the seaweed starter kit, I thought it will work better for my skin but I ended up buying the Vitamin E starter kit,I thought it is a wonderful way to try four of the products at once and to check out how well they work together. 

I had acne but now it has all cleared up...I still have lots and lots of dark spots left from acne, due to my skin treatments my skin has been behaving a lot better its not that oily,now my skin is slightly combination, I was looking for products that moisturizes, minimize the pores and even out my skin tone and removes the roughness from the chin and nose.

Vitamin E Starter Kit
It comes in a cute pink pouch which can be re-used as a makeup pouch:) .The  Vitamin E products are suitable for all skin types.The starter kit has four travel size products. 
1.Vitamin E Cream Cleanser 60ml .view details here
2.Vitamin E hydrating Toner 60ml. view details here
3.Vitamin E moisture Cream 15ml. view details here
4.Vitamin E Night Cream 15ml. view details here

Vitamin E Cream Cleanser:
It is a light weight cleanser, has a nice smell to it,removes  makeup and dirt from face,it leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean, doesn't feel oily and greasy and I didn't get a single break out.

Vitamin E Hydrating Toner:
This is an amazing toner...I used it twice a day and it leaves my skin fresh,hydrated and very smooth,smells very nice, it is a yellowish liquid, denser than water but not too thick,when I apply It I love the feel of it so much that I really don't want to apply anything else!

Vitamin E Moisture Cream:
It is a baby pink cream and its more like a thick lotion in a jar,I find it a  bit heavy and it takes a more time to absorb for a daytime moisturizer,I think this one is better for dry skin but it is not greasy and oily,its just heavy and takes a little bit longer to sink in.

Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream:
This is most possibly the best night moisturizer/Nourishing cream I've ever used,its is also a light baby pink cream,very thick and luxurious but very soft and absorbent when applied,it leaves my skin silky soft and hydrated. 

I could see the improvement in my skin right after 5 days. After 26 days my skin was brighter, even toned,smooth, my skin now feels  hydrated and healthy, all the roughness around my nose and chin has gone...I didn't get a single pimple, which rarely happens when I try a new skin product,overall I have been loving these products, It delivers what it claims.If  I will repurchase anything from this kit it will the night cream and Toner...but I am more tempted to try out other products from The BodyShop. Both creams lasted me for 36 days, cleanser lasted me for 18 uses and I still have a little bit left of toner. I am sure any of this full size product will last for at least 4 months...not bad! I paid Rs.1750 for this starter kit.

Check out other starter kits from The Body Shop Here.
Visit The Body Shop International Facebook page Here.
Visit The Body Shop Pakistan Facebook page Here .

10 Jun 2012

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Shine Gelee Lipsticks [Review,Swatches]

Most of my lipsticks are pink so these two colors really stands out in my lipstick collection.Not just the colors but the packaging and quality as well!

 Here is an idea of what L'Oreal says "Color Riche Shine Gelee is enriched with Royal jelly, Shea butter, its conditioning formula nourishes and hydrates like a balm and shine like a gloss, the formula reflects light like a crystal for a shimmery shine effect with a non sticky finish"

LOreal Color Riche Shine Gelee Lipstick in 104 Pretty peach
L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 400 sheer papaya

I have two colors of Color Riche Shine Gelee Lipsticks sheer papaya and pretty peach,
I tested all colors before I bought these two...this range has some gorgeous colors for all skin tones, all of these lipsticks are very shiny and smooth and a moisturizing look and feel to them.The amount of glitter/shimmer is different in each lipstick.Few of them appears to have a clear shine. Color Riche Shine Gelee are unexpectedly very pigmented for a glossy lipstick.Staying power is average and the lipsticks feel light weight and comfortable on lips.
Pretty Peach is a pretty coral-y peachy color (how many times you hear pinky peachy...now you are introduced to coral-y peachy) this color has some serious golden glitters....very chunky and sparkly, I don't see it as a day wear lipstick...its a glamorous color and really stands out.

Sheer papaya is a warm peach( its a little bit more deeper  and pigmented than it shows in the picture).I wear it more often because it really suits my skin.It has peachy-golden shimmer and it is more pigmented,long lasting and less glossy than pretty peach...perfect for medium dark skin.

Now the sad part is that...If I am not mistaken these lipsticks are discontinued,I don't see them anywhere on L'Oreal official website:(  probably these are replaced with L'Oreal Rouge Caresse  Lipsticks. If you live in Pakistan than you don't have to worry since the stock is full of these lippies...if you feel like buying a few for you after this review...go grab some for yourself:) I paid Rs.1100 for each lipstick,I think these are now sold for Rs.1400,
Have a nice Sunday girls!

5 Jun 2012

e.l.f studio high definition powder & mineral infused face primer [Review]

I bought these two products quite a long time back and recently started using them, Now its time for reviewing them.I have tried a lot of products form elf,some of them are already reviewed on my blog and some will be reviewed soon!

e.l.f studio high definition powder

This white translucent loose powder comes in a bulky packaging and the holes dispose off a lot of unnecessary product,And its impossible not to make a mess the powder gets everywhere, it comes with a fluffy soft, good quality sponge,honestly this product isn't as good as I was expecting it to be and it also leaves a white cast on my face.

It claims to" mask the lines,imperfections, and create a soft focus effect to the skin" I have notice that it does almost nothing when I apply it,My face feels and look smooth for only an hour (or maybe less) and than its back to normal.I have never used  HD powder before so I can't really make comparisons...my No17 setting powder is shine control and I love it but they both can't be compared since they work for different purpose.I don't think I'll be repurchasing this stuff.I paid £ 6  for it www.eyeslipsface.co.uk

e.l.f mineral infused face primer

Claims to "Transform face into a flawless and smooth canvas,Developed to combat excess oil, flaky dryness,enlarged pores and fine lines"

Nicely packaged in a clear plastic bottle, press the pump slightly and a small dot is enough for whole face.
I don't have fine lines so can't comment on that but apart from this it pretty much does everything it claims,it makes my skin very smooth and my foundation or powder blends easily and amazingly minimize the size of the pores I have around my nose,as for the oil control thing...I am not sure if it does that but I have noticed that my skin doesn't look greasy after I use it!I always have flakiness around my chin and eyebrows and it helps smooth down the flaky areas... L'Oreal Primer was my favorite one but now I have a new favorite :) I paid £ www.eyeslipsface.co.uk
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