30 Jul 2012

Almay one coat dial up Mascara & Almay crayon contour eyeliner [Review]

I have sensitive eyes and my eyes easily get irritated,itchy and watery if  I use a wrong product but I am still not sure what is the ingredient that irritates my eyes so I try my best to buy the eye products that claims to be save for sensitive eyes.Almay products are save for sensitive skin so I thought to try this one and it came with a free eyeliner....which I think is now discontinued.
Almay one coat dial up mascara has 3 different adjustable dial .When you rotate the purple part of the mascara it allows you to control the the product and the length and volume required for lashes.When the dial is twisted it opens up the tube and allows the brush to pick up more product to make lashes look full, fuller to fullest.My favorite volumizing mascara is Rimmel's volume flash but since it irritates my eyes I can't use it for up to 3,4 hours, Almay one coat dial up mascara has never irritated my eyes. I hardly twist up to the 3rd dial because it is super volumizing and lengthening and looks a bit odd for day time so I normally adjust the 2nd dial,the formula  is very thick so it is perfect for fine lashes. The wand is stiff and short but I really like the plastic bristle brush...it is small in fact it is a nice decent size, perfect for my eyes and it easily paints the inside and outside lashes. It has a good staying power, I didn't experience any smudging, clumping or flaking.I bought the blackest black for my lashes.Not very impressed with the thick tube looks more like a gadget than a mascara, I like nice sleek packaging but if the product is good I can absolutely ignore the packaging.

Honestly this mascara is pretty volumizing and lengthening.I really enjoy using this mascara, it volumises and it is super pigmented.

you can view this mascara HERE

Almay crayon contour pencil was a free gift with this mascara.I am not a fan of crayon pencils, it is not very black and it is quite dry but it has a great staying power,once its on it stays put forever. I just recently discovered that it has a sharper at the end:)) 

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  1. I have never heard of this mascara. Sounds nice! :)


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