1 Jun 2011


I usually dont like to wear nail polishes .I prefer French manicures or simply clean nails over colored nails but when it comes to trends who can resist???so I thought I should get some colors for my nails and I picked up three shades form collection 2000 hot looks nail polishes bmx bandit,blue hawai and wham.these nail polishes comes in a lovely variety of shades.this is what they claim on the website..

..bright on trend shades
..fast dry nail polish,dries in under 60 seconds
..exceptional high gloss finish
..high fashion on trend shades

I have not tried any of the other shades but they look pretty cool on the website..I think these nail polishes have good shine not exceptional..but I definitely dont require a top coat to make it look more shiny.. these nail polishes are super fast drying...they dry in under 40 seconds...how cool is that:)I am very impatient when it comes to wait for nail polishes to get dry so it simply rocks for me...they dont chip easily..I am not a big fan of the brush its pretty cheap quality.they clearly write on the nail polishes "use a base coat to prevent staining on the nails"..it did stain my nails but when I wash my hands with soap the satin fades away so for me its nothing to bother about but I am not sure if this is going to work for the other shades from this collection!!

left to right..bmx bandit,wham,blue hawai. 

1..BMX Bandit...this is my most favorite shade out of the three..sometimes it looks purple and sometimes it looks blue so it is a blue purple color..a single coat is enough to get the best color.
2..Blue Hawaii...it is a gorgeous bright blue shade..single coat is enough to get the best color...whenever I wear this color I get lots of compliments:)
3..Wham...wham is a grey color with blue under tones(almost unnoticeable blue undertones) two coats are required to get the best color but I wear a single coat because I think single coat looks prettier on my hands.(in the picture I am wearing  two coats)

overall these are pretty good and inexpensive nail polishes at  £1.79 they worth a try.


  1. Hey! Great blog. The Blue Hawaii looks divine. =)

  2. Yay for hot looks! I have two of their nail polishes, but I find that they tend to discolour their nails with their tint, so I like to apply a coat of nail polish before hand :)


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