1 Mar 2012

MAC Blush In Desert Rose (swatch&review)

Hey everyone:) So this time its about a blush.....a pretty rosy pink blush from Mac.I really wanted to try a matte blush so I picked up this because its a prefect matte and only Mac makes perfectly matte blushes.I went to EBCO Karachi....well they only have a few blushes so had to order this one from www.just4girls.pk

Packaging: As is all MAC packaging this blush also comes in a black plastic pot with a clear lid and it contains 6g of product.
Texture,Coverage: Desert Rose is a Powder blush "Matte",very pigmented and smooth but not as smooth as sheertone blushes from Mac.Its in the permanent collection.
Price,Availability: Rs.3650 from  just for girls.pk HERE (for Pakistan)
                                  USD.20 check out the MAC website HERE
                                  UK.17.50 check out the MAC UK website HERE
prices mentioned above are approximate,it may vary depending where you live and buy this product.
My Thoughts:Desert Rose is a warm toned rosy pink color and it will suit almost any skin tone.A lot of you might think its a mauve color,apparently Mac is the only one who describe it as a soft reddish burgundy!! Desert rose is a medium pink incredibly pigmented blush,I just slightly dab my brush once and thats enough for both cheeks.... its a great every day color for all seasons and the warm tone of this blush adds a little bit of contour to my cheeks.this blush doesn't require retouching through out the day which is awesome and makes it perfect for office going ladies and anyone with oily skin.
I know MAC blushes are too pricey in Pakistan,and if you're wondering if its worth investing...Yes I definitely think its worth it!! The quality and pigmentation of all MAC blushes are amazing.I love them mostly because they are not overloaded with glitters and shimmer like most of the drugstore and high end blushes.  
I'd definitely repurchase this blush (probably after years because I have used this alot and it still looks untouched) and I'd recommend this.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review;) everyone has a MAC fav blush...whats your favorite?                                                                               


  1. This looks like a gorgeous color! I don't have many MAC blushes, but I bought Vintage Grape recently and I really like it. It's an ombre, so you can get different levels of intensity out of it really easily.

    1. I don't own a lot of Mac blushes either but now I am thinking of buying more.I love their blushes but not their lipsticks:)

  2. this looks gorgeous! I love this shade of pink

  3. That's a really nice shade! I love pink blushes..they really look great on neutral pakistani skin tones.
    The prices are too high at just4girls!! they charged u 40 dollars for this!!

    1. I agree,this color is also perfect of Pakistani/Indian dusky complexion.I felt kind of guilty after ordering this,its a luxury that I cant even afford but the fact that it will last forever kind of took away the guilt:)

  4. oh wow i love the color, i love pink blushes and This blush is simply beautiful xoxo

  5. my my its really worth im in love with this blush <3
    thanks a bunch for review

  6. such a gorgeous colour, im definetly thinking of buying for my kit
    would look lovley on brides
    thanks! xx

    1. you got it right,it is exactly the kind of warm pink color Pakistani and Indian brides wear.it would look lovely and perfect for traditional bridal makeup.

  7. Beautiful color with the trust of MAC, a superb addition to your beauty...

  8. I really like it the colour is great i ll defo grt it when i ll pay my next visit to ebco x


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