5 Oct 2011

Clinique Chubby Stick (Woopin' watermelon,Review,swatches)

Here is a review of the product that i am absolutely loving,my go to lip color nowadays..... its Clinique "Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm in Woopin' Watermelon".

Product Concept: Clinique Chubby stick is a super nourishing lip balm with mango and shea butter for dry delicate lips,available in 8 natural looking lip colors,each with a subtle sheen.view shades here.
price in US $.15.00, UK.£14.00. ( I have not seen this product in Pakistan)

Packaging,Formula,Coverage,Texture: Chubby stick comes in a standard floral Clinique box,it is a fat(chubby) pen and each lip balm is colored to match the lip product inside it.it has a silver top and bottom,when you twist the end more product comes out.
the lip balm contains Shea butters and mango so its a treat for your lips,it is 100% fragrance free and allergy tested,the texture is smooth,it is not super glossy and applies easily,single coat gives a nice tint to lips.each chubby stick contains 3g lip balm.

My Thoughts: I really don't like lip balms which comes in messy jars and you have to dip you fingers inside to get some out and i don't even enjoy using standard medicated lip balms in boring tubes...so this product really caught my attention,the chubby tube is so pretty and easy to use.i really enjoy the formula because it glides on easily and it doesn't feel heavy ... i love weightless products on my lips.
Surprisingly the color pay off is good,i thought that it would be a tint but is shows up quite nicely...it will pick up your lip color so if your lips are pale,woopin' watermelon wont show up on you more than a tint.its staying power is another surprising factor...even if i drink and eat the tint of color and smoothness lasts(of course most of the sheen and color wears off) when the product is removed it leaves my lips feeling soft..i was disappointed at my choice of color because its just another light pink in my collection,i wish i had ordered any other color than this...but it doesn't mean its not a pretty pink,i am not sure about the coverage and texture of the other lip colors from this range,but the coverage of woopin' watermelon is impressive.i read some reviews saying its very glossy...i think the gloss/sheen is very decent.

My only object is the price...i think it is expensive because it has only 3g product less than an average lipstick/balm other than that i love it.

I would recommend it (if you don't mind the price) and i would love to repurchase it in another color.

What do you think of this cute chubby sticks have you tried it! and what is your favorite lip product nowadays:),my first blog giveaway is coming soon so keep your fingers crossed:)
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