17 Mar 2012

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks

This is not a recent purchase.I bought Moisture Renew lipsticks in Heather shimmer and Nude Delight quite a long time back but never mention them on my blog,I think it deserve a review.I might not like the colors I got but I can't avoid the fact how nice these lipsticks are,I wanted to add some new and different colors in my lipstick collection,Heather shimmer is a pretty color but Nude Delight is too nude for me.

Packaging: I absolutely adore the packaging flashy metallic purple and the crown logo on top of the cap.the cap fits tightly and doesn't have a chance of slipping in your hand bag.
Texture and Coverage: I swatched all of the lipsticks (available at the display,14 shades I remember) and all of them were very pigmented,but the texture are different...some are more creamy with a lovely sheen some are moisturizing and clear glossy ...a couple of the lippies had some shimmer. they do feel a little heavy on lips because it has SPF18.
Price& Availability: In Paksitan these are available at most super markets,I got mine from Imtiaz super market Karachi for Rs.640. I've noticed that prices are different at some stores...it ranges between Rs.640 to Rs.720.
For international readers you can get them under $7.take a look at Rimmel London Website
My Thoughts: most of the colors in this range are very pretty and they would most definitely suit all skin tones except Nude Delight.Heather Shimmer is a deep shade and I am really not sure how to describe the color..its not that I am bad at describing colors its just that its a very confusing color... sometimes it looks more like a deep mauve with brown undertones...I guess its because of the shimmer that changes the color of its appearance.Nude delight is a peachy nude....its like a concealer on my lip....I never wear it alone.I always top it with a gloss or another lipstick.I don't know what was I thinking when I bought this color.Both lipsticks are heavily pigmented and very creamy,Nude Delight has a clear sheen and Heather Shimmer is a little shimmery and frosty.

I personally dont like the scent of this.and its not the kind of smell that fades away after an hour.it stays as long as the lipstick is on lips.its the only thing I dont like in them.

I would really recommend this to anyone looking for a nice and good quality plus affordable lipstick, Moisture Renew lipsticks are probably the best reasonably priced lipsticks in Pakistan...good packaging and pigmentation,it has SPF 18 and 4g of product, long lasting and moisturizing and it has vitamin A,C,E to nourish the lips....and of course a good color collection.

I know its been so many days,I am going to announce the winner of my last giveaway tomorrow on Facebook.


  1. I have always read rave reviews about this. Thanks for sharing

  2. Really good picks <3

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates the way these smell! It has totally put me off of Rimmel lipsticks. I bought a new shade recently during a sale, and it was just as bad as I remembered :( Too bad, because I like the texture and the color is gorgeous!

  4. Nice Review, Loving the nude One .. Thanks for sharing

  5. I really like that nude one! They're both gorgeous colors though. What do they smell like, exactly?

    1. the smell is very intense (for me at least) and a little bit medicated,I am sensitive to perfumed cosmetics thats why it really bothers me,if you are not than it shouldn't be a problem for you,my sister think its totally fine:)


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