25 Sep 2011

Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser.

I have been using Neutrogna wave for quite a long time now and i know its not a new product...i normally don't try such products and firstly, i never knew it is available in Pakistan,when i saw it in Motta's Super Store in Karachi i was surprised at how cheap it was...so i grabbed one.
now here is what Neutrogena claims about this product;

  • a revolutionary new power cleanser with two cleansing speeds that will transform your cleansing routine and give you softer,great looking skin after 1 use.
  • depending on what your skin needs you can choose gentle daily massaging or deep cleansing.
  • speed 1 is for gentle daily massaging ,the soft vibration massage your skin and the tingly lather removes dirt,oil,makeup.
  • speed 2 is for deep pore cleansing,feel how the intense vibrations help open pores for a real thorough clean.

HOW IT WORKS: this pretty little gadget comes with 2 weeks supply pad.first remove the plastic lid than insert the battery provided with  gadget and put back the lid....the pads comes
in a plastic pouch,place the pad on attachment head it sticks well with the little dots,hold the power cleanser under running water to activate the pad....there are 2 speeding systems turn on by pressing power button...set the speed as you like and start rubbing the pad on your face.it takes a minute to lather up.you can use it in the shower as well,it is water resistant so water cant hurt it:)

MY THOUGHTS: cleansers don't really comes in funky little thing like this...and before i used this one i always asked myself how these "things" can possibly work on skin!! but now i am addicted to this...i don't use it to remove my makeup,and not everyday just twice or sometimes once a week...but i use it for deep pore cleansing...it doesn't really lather up but this thing does not use its foam to clean face,but use its vibration. the vibration helps stimulate your skin.i use it for more than 5 minutes and it makes my skin super duper clean and soft and it also brightens up my complexion.when i'll run out of the pads i am going to get more...my sister loves it too,it works even better on her skin...its like a mini facial at home and the vibration helps to relax my face....i never knew if i am going to like it this much:) i got it from Motta's Super Store for Rs.995...now the price has increased...its  Rs.1195.
I would recommend this product to others and repurchase it again!

22 Sep 2011

my first blog award...:)

Lovely Alisha Serre  alishaserre.blogspot.com has given me  this award...in German liebster means "favorite" or "beloved"

this award is actually given to those who have less than 200 followers to help them to get  more recognition from the beauty blogging community:) because all of us deserve attention and everyone of us is working so hard on our blogs.i think its a fabulous idea:)Alisha passed it to me and now i will pass it on to five other blogs that i like;

  • Post this on your blog.
  • Choose five other bloggers you want to award it to,and let them know that you have given this award to them.
  • acknowledge the person who gave this award to you by linking it back to them.
Much Love,

21 Sep 2011

I Hauled....and I'll haul again 'n again 'n......

Girls... here is a quick glimpse at the products i hauled... well honestly i didn't hauled every thing because Beauty UK nail polishes are not available in Pakistan...i bought Mac beauty powder blush from EBCO at forum and Schwarzkoph Flatliner was on my wishlist ever since i read a review of this on Jeeya's beauty and fashion blog...
when i got home i discovered that the rimmel gloss i bought is in the old packaging they have actually changed their packaging but im not much bothered by this... Revlon creme gloss is also sent to me from UK by a relative:) and i'd like to mention that i pay for all the products sent to me by my friends/relatives.

so all you beauty (products) addicts what have you hauled recently...is there anything special on your wishlist!!let me try out all these products and then i will review them in detail as i always do.....take care:)

14 Sep 2011

A Must Have Pink Lipstick....

I have been searching for a perfect pink and finally i got one... L'Oreal Color Riche Made For Me (Naturals) in Sunset Blush 257.I love the concept behind this range..there is a shade for every skin color so you wont be coming home without getting one for yourself.i have used two other shades from the same collection quite a long time back when these were pretty new in the market,my sister bought a travel kit... those were gorgeous colors but too light and nude for my skin tone but i loved the packaging and the texture.recently i went to Naheed Super Market and i got this one.L'oreal Paris Color Riche Made For Me is distributed in Naturals,Intense,Boosting Serum and Universal Lip Glow...its quite a selection.

PACKAGING: the lipstick comes in a subtle gold casing...it doesn't say how much grams it has but the tube is pretty big..it must be 4g.my lipstick had two nasty stickers on it so i sprayed some deodorant and with the stickers the golden color of the casing also came off and the cap now looks silver and golden:)
TEXTURE OF THE LIPSTICK: i have also used two other shades from this range including this one so i can tell that the texture varies from shade to shade...Sunset Blush is made for Dark Brunettes and has a very smooth, moisturizing texture,it doesn't feel heavy on lips and the sheen is clear it doesn't have any shimmers and glitters.the other two i used had shimmers in them.it has a lovely fragrance which is actually unnoticeable once the lippy is applied on lips.
MY THOUGHTS: the title of this post already gives an idea of how much i like the lippy...these lipstick have a great staying power.this medium pink will suit almost all skin colors.the sheen is gorgeous.it doesn't transfer as dark on the lips as it looks in the tube.the color is buildable.single coat is sheer and two coats provide full coverage and medium pink shade.i think its a high end lipstick at a drugstore price...i don't exactly remember the price but i guess i paid between Rs.1100 -Rs.1400 and $8 to $9. check out some other colors on their website HERE  swatches on the website are disappointing though.
have you tried any of these lipsticks..i think L'Oreal Made For Me are pretty under rated.

4 Sep 2011

EcoTools: 6 piece eye brush set

Ecotools is a earth friendly,cruelty free company,launched in 2008 their products features innovative earth friendly materials,1% of Ecotools annual sales is donated to 1% for the Planet...how cool is that...there is a way of beautifying our selves without being cruel:)
I bought a six piece eye brush set from Ecotools that comes in a plastic pouch which proudly says..
Handles made from bamboo a highly sustainable plant.
100% cruelty free soft taklon bristles.
recycled aluminum ferrules.
Natural cotton and hemp travel case.
Reusable storage pouch.

I got confused when i first had this cloth case in my hands...i was like "where the hell is the sixth brush"...i read the description on the back of the pouch and discovered that the sixth piece is actually the cloth case...frankly i got a bit displeased:( .... "6 piece eye brush set" can be misleading to some people.
The darling little case has "five" brushes and a mirror which isn't the best quality,the brushes aren't exactly travel sized but these are not even regular sized...the kit includes;

Large eye brush.
Angled crease brush.
Highlighting brush.
Petite eye shading brush.
Smudge brush.
A travel case with mirror.

Lets see how Ecotools recommends the use of each brush and how i like using them.

LARGE EYE BRUSH: Eco tools says; "apply and blend shadows"
i think this brush is too big for eye shadow application...i like it better for nose contouring and for highlighting the cheek bones.i still use it for eyeshadow application but i dont think it is the best brush for this purpose.

ANGLED CREASE BRUSH: Ecotools says; "softly apply color to crease for definition"
it is also a good brush for nose contouring,highlighting brow bone, you can use it as you wish...i prefer to use it for highlighting the brow bone.

HIGHLIGHTING BRUSH: Ecotools says; "perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners of eyes"
this is the my most favorite brush from this set...i love it for blending the crease color...it is great for highlighting brow bone,i also apply eye shadow with it all over my eyelid,it is great for blending...its a very versatile brush!

PETITE EYE SHADING BRUSH: Ecotools says "use with deeper or accent colors for a bold look"
this is a great brush for minor detailing...and also a good one for smudging eyeliner or blending and applying eyeshadow on the lower lash line!

SMUDGE BRUSH: Ecotools says "smudge shadow and liner along lash line for a smokey look"
another favorite of mine...i use it exactly how Ecotools recommends..it does the job wonderfully!

Their earth friendly,cruelty free nature and their reasonable price is not the only reason why i liked them...the brushes are high in performance as well as good looking!!all the brushes are fluffy soft and very dense...denser brushes tends to deposit more powder so don't pack much product you don't want to apply more than required.these brushes don't require much storage space and are very light weight to travel with..i washed them twice and no shedding at all...the washing didn't effect the softness of the brushes.in my opinion this brush set is a must have and i will try more brushes from Ecotools.if you are in Pakistan you can buy these brushes from http://www.just4girls.pk.
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