10 Dec 2013

November Favourites...

It's a little bit late to call it "November favourites" but I just wanted to post this because it's the last month of this year!! though I have to say that it just doesn't limit to the month of November I've been using some of these products for more than a month now. The next time I do a favorites post will be my 2013 favorites...it's crazy how quickly this year has gone by!
The two products I have tired in November and I am very excited to share with you are the Napoleon Perdis freebies that came as a bonus with a magazine, I have never used any product from this brand before. I am in love with three of the products but the two that made it to my most favorites had to be the lipgloss and Lash to Lash mascara in black... there is no name mentioned on the lipgloss and I have no idea if these were limited edition exclusive for the magazine. Anyways these two are just too good I wear this mascara every single day ever since the first time I used it  and the lipgloss is a gorgeous milky pale pink mostly I top it on a lipstick, it has clear shine and stay put for a long time.

Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW 30 is perfect for hiding my blemishes and my horrible dark under eyes. One more product I am currently loving is Mac lipstick in Chilli...I like dabbing it on more than rubbing on my lips because it sheers out the pigmentation and the colour looks better on me this way...it's a gorgeous fresh red colour.

I don't like to wear a thick layer of foundation everyday so I have been using  Maybelline Fit Me foundation in 310 it provides a light coverage and even out my complexion and I hide my blemishes with the Mac studio Finish concealer which goes very well with this foundation. I love this foundation, it completely hides the rough and  dry patches and provides a lovely healthy glow to my skin.
Givenchy Very Irresistible is another favorite, I have this in a 4 ml bottle. It's quite musky for my usual taste but I still like it because it is the only strong smell among all other perfumes I've got... may be it's different that's why I am liking it. It is most definitely a night time floral musky scent.

I will end this post with a rather boring product that really worked for me and it is the REDKEN Scalp Relief Soothing Balance Shampoo... I started feeling  a little bit of discomfort while brushing my hairs sort of hurt as someone is pulling my hairs and I had a itchy scalp too so I thought this product might help and it did...it also fixes my frizzy hairs making it smooth and manageable. I usually get irritated scalp during winters so I believe that I may not need this shampoo during summers...nonetheless it's a fantastic product.

I am also going to write a post on my 2013 favorites too... I just finished second semester of my university, it means a lot more time for blogging and fun. 

Hope you all are looking forward to the coming holidays, some family time, good food, lazy mornings and plenty of fun:) 

16 Nov 2013

Mini Haul & Enjoying A Freebie

It's definitely the weather that's been bothering me, always  going up and down.... For the past couple of days I haven't been sleeping well due to sickness and wake up tired each morning with runny nose and sore throat, so it took me a while to get this haul post up and guess what when taking pictures I totally forgot to include the other items I picked up along with these goodies. I am most exited about the SK ll facial treatment essence came as a bonus with Marie Clair October issue, so worth a try... I have yet to try out this free sample first before I decide and spend big bucks on this miracle water full size bottle. 
I also picked up a matte top coat by Revlon which turned out to be a disappointment, it takes forever to dry and looks very chalky ( can anyone suggest me a good matte top coat). I have been loving Burt's Bees cuticle cream and Revlon  lipstick in Mink, its the colour that Halle Berry wore in a Revlon add. I am yet to try out the Moroccan oil treatment. I enjoyed this yummy Malaysian lunch with my sister yesterday.

My Sunday started with runny nose and sneezing :( I am now gonna go and get ready for a dinner. I hope you all having a lovely Sunday.

16 Sep 2013

Essence Eyesdaow Palette,Eye Brushes,Hand Cream-Review

I have been wanting to write the reviews of  essence products for quite a long time and finally managed to write this blog post, 

I like sharing cheap and cheerful thrills :)

I picked up an essence eyeshadow palette in glamour to go 'sun club - 02 long beach' (a permanent collection palette). Its a gorgeous inexpensive eyeshadow palette for everyday use, it has eight eyeshadows and a dual sided applicator.

This shimmery eyeshadow palette includes warm colours - a  shimmery gold,bronze, a deep semi matte brown , a light brown, a light shimmery pink, yellowish highlighter, a copper colour and last but not least a grayish taupe to finish a beachy look.

I paid Rs.450, not a bad price to pay for a pretty little palette. Eyeshodows  have a good staying power if used with a primer. Shades in this palette work very  well together.

essence 24h hand protection balm  has a non greasy texture and it absorbs quickly leaving my hands soft and smooth. It has coconut oil and shea butter to repair damaged dry hands. I can't say much about the 24 hour claim because I can't  keep away from washing my hands for this long.

I also picked up two eye brushes form essence and I am loving both brushes. One is a smokey eye brush round, fluffy purple which I use to blend my crease eyeshadow precisely...it is very soft and just the prefect size for cease area.
The angled brush is a blue haired synthetic fibers gel eye liner brush  but I use it it apply my normal liquid or cream  eye liners. It is a perfect brush for an amazing price...it applies my eyeliner very smoothly and evenly. Both brushes didn't shed after washing. 

I paid Rs. 200 for each brush. Both these brushes are quite good quality at this price.
Essence products are available at Target and Priceline in Australia.

You can visit essence website here .

25 Apr 2013

Some Favorites And Life Lately....

Hey everyone...I haven't updated my blog for ages. I missed blogging so much and attempted for a blog post several times but honestly I wasn't quite there. Now I have started to think that if I miss blogging so much and think about getting back to it each day than I must start it again. I've moved to Australia and with that move I had to focus and adjust with so many new changes. Life has been very strange and surprising with some new and "bothering"  developments.

Nothing has been inspiring me over these months, I didn't try a lot of makeup and skincare products but whatever I've bought and used I really like it. I'm including pictures of some of the products I've used and pictures of my elder sister's baby shower.
Here is a glimpse of the upcoming reviews.
I have plenty of more products that I'll be reviewing.
See you soon with some exciting reviews and fashion posts :)
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