25 Apr 2013

Some Favorites And Life Lately....

Hey everyone...I haven't updated my blog for ages. I missed blogging so much and attempted for a blog post several times but honestly I wasn't quite there. Now I have started to think that if I miss blogging so much and think about getting back to it each day than I must start it again. I've moved to Australia and with that move I had to focus and adjust with so many new changes. Life has been very strange and surprising with some new and "bothering"  developments.

Nothing has been inspiring me over these months, I didn't try a lot of makeup and skincare products but whatever I've bought and used I really like it. I'm including pictures of some of the products I've used and pictures of my elder sister's baby shower.
Here is a glimpse of the upcoming reviews.
I have plenty of more products that I'll be reviewing.
See you soon with some exciting reviews and fashion posts :)
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