27 Aug 2012

Cheap & Cheerful :)

I must be having a lucky day...I bought some really good stuff without spending a lot, inexpensive products are not always less good.

Sunsilk straight and sleek- anti frizz lotion is a thick white lotion that can be used on damp or dry hairs to control frizz, I thought it is also a heat protector but its not but it can be used with blow dry and strengtheners it doesn't provide heat protection but it cuts down the time of blow drying or strengthening:) I personally use it alone usually on dry hairs when I don't feel like spending time on straightening...when the first time I used this product I was like.... wow!!! it givess the softest look and takes away all the frizz and makes my hair soft and manageable.I bought it for only Rs.192 and its Thailand made.
I am a lip balm fanatic...I have so many lip balms I need to finish first and I keep on buying more in cute jars. I bought the red jar (apple flavor) for Rs. 100 and I use it almost every day but it is still as good as new, it leaves my lips soft and glossy with a little cherry tint.The Banana Boat sunblock for lips spf 30 for Rs.60, not really fond of the medicated smell but the best part is that it kind of absorbs in the lips and its not glossy and greasy so I really enjoy wearing this.
Young Chin Lightning Eye Cream Dark Circle Diminisher is for Dark Circles but honestly it hasn't lighten up my dark circles.. I love it because it hydrates and brightens up the eye area and it absorbs very quickly and feels fresh around eyes not heavy or greasy, perfect as a day eye cream for just Rs.150. ingredients included are  cucumber extract, vitamin A,E&B3, Aloe Vera.
I bought this new eye curler because my beloved Maybelline eye curler doesn't fit my eyes anymore...I am not sure  why and its weird..did it happen with anyone of you? I bought this eye lash curler for just Rs.100.....the curve perfectly fit my eyes and it keeps my lashes curled  for 3 days...crazy good:) and I got the brush for just Rs.120 this is the softest brush ever and I use it as a blush brush, blending is quick and effortless with it.
I never use refreshing/cleansing wipes because they dry out my skin but these cool&cool refreshing wipes are alcohol free and the best wipes I have ever use to remove makeup. sometimes I use it alone and sometimes after using my cleansing lotion I just sweep it all over my face and it removes every tiny bit of makeup.

I am so glad I found some good cheap alternates and I am able to save some of my money.Do you want to share your favorite cheapy:) 

________________have a nice day______________


  1. They all are great bargains. I will also look into this anti-frizz lotion. Sounds really nice. x

  2. Wow, it looks like you've found a bunch of inexpensive products that work well for you! I have been trying to find inexpensive alternatives to some of the more expensive products I was using, and I'm pleased to say that I've found quite a few cheap substitutes; I use a mascara that is only $6 American dollars (Prestige My Biggest Lashes), and my favorite shampoo/ conditioner is L'Oreal's EverPure line (which is quite inexpensive here).

    1. Oh I love L'Oreal shampoo and conditioners as well:)

  3. i was looking for anti frizz and a heat protector for hair...i think it will work for me.. what do you say... such a steal.. and i am waiting for the detailed review.

    1. Its not a heat protector as I mentioned in the post.

  4. did u announced winner of ZARA BAG?

  5. Great post, loving the lip balms! :)


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