3 Aug 2012


Cosmetics giant Illamasqua is making a stand against the global giants of cosmetics, who force Australian customers to pay up to 61% more than UK prices. It's entirely unjust that a woman in the UK pays just $24 for a lipstick, while a woman in Australia has to pay $40 for exactly the same product.

 Illamasqua is an independent British colour cosmetics brand and, in the short time we've retailed in Australia, we've heard time and again your frustration over the inflated pricing of cosmetics compared to the rest of the world.

We have listened and want to slash our prices across our range in Australia. But first we need you to demonstrate to the industry that if we can make this change happen, you'll commit to buying our products. So please sign your name, make your mark, tell your friends, clench your fist and cry "hell no!"

I am so glad that finally a giant cosmetic brand took note of this, please go ahead and sign this petition to make it successful :) 

Please click here to sign the petition

Learn about the campaign here


  1. I'm from Australia and I was so happy to see that Illamasqua decided to make a campaign about the crazy prices! Lovely blog, dear.

    Stop by and visit mine :)

  2. wow that's a crazy price difference! Yeah something about them jacking up that much money for the same product is definitely not right!

  3. Ooooh yes also got the -mail from these guys for this cause. It is great that a huge brand has noticed this and are fighting for this worthwhile cause. xx


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