25 Dec 2011

Review of ELF Brightening Eye Color & Eyelid Primer

I recently got some products from elf and that also includes some eye makeup...honestly I dont have a lot of eye makeup because my eye makeup skills aren't that good so I always thought it would be a waste of money to buy something that I won't be using but now with many inexpensive and good quality products out there I'd be a fool not to practice and improve my skills...and so after reading some great reviews of elf brightening eye color I ordered some of them and also got an eyelid primer!!

ELF Brightening Eye Color In Ivy

elf Brightening Eye Color in IVY

the packaging is very basic,honestly here you really don't pay for the packaging...there are four colors in this small quad with an applicator...the colors coordinate well with each other,you won't need to pick up any other eyeshadow to match with them.I am not really impressed with the staying power but the colors are very smooth, well pigmented and my favorite from Ivy is the purple and a dark green one,primer is must if you want them to last longer but I am absolutely loving the quad and how easy are these to blend for someone like me who isn't an expert in eye makeup.The quad includes a lovely taupey purple,deep green,light green(highlight) and a gorgeous golden green,all the colors are decently shimmery but the dark green one is a little less shimmery more like a semi matte.
Brightening Eye Colors are available in 19 quads,so you have a great variety to choose from.

ELF EyeLid Primer
elf eyelid primer is an eyeshadow primer for long lasting crease proof eyeshadow and it is available in four colors Sheer, Champagne,Pearl,Golden...all of the colors are nude.
I wasn't sure which one to get so I just ordered Sheer...this eyelid primer has a sponge applicator,the packaging is very basic,nothing fancy here!
Its an awesome product.It holds the eyeshadow so well,eyeshadows blends easily...the texture of this eyelid primer is very smooth and it has a lovely sheen but that doesn't add anything to the eyeshadows,its a creamy nude color and it goes well with most of my eyeshadows.Iwould highly recommend this primer.

prices are different in Pakistan,UK,USA.
price of both brightening eye color and eyelid primer in USA $.1.Visit HERE
price of both brightening eye color and eyelid primer in UK 1.50.Visit HERE
visit elf Pakistan www.eyeslipsface.pk to buy the products.

 I hope you enjoyed the reviews...I am going to announce my elf giveaway in next post:)

18 Dec 2011

Christmas/Holiday Gift Ideas

So Christmas is fast approaching,I thought to put a selection of  all my favorite gifts/beauty gifts and this could be a good guide for you if you are unsure of how to surprise someone...around Christmas/holidays I particularly love gift sets... gift sets have a holiday feel to it :)

Beauty Gift Sets
1.Lip Sets
Buxom Mix & Mingle,korres Glazed Over,Fresh sugar Plum Glam &Go,Smashbox Snap You're Fab Lip Gloss Set. 
image source www.sephora.com

2.Perfume Sets
Marc Jacobs Rollerball Trio,Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy  Gift Set,Stella McCartney Perfume Rollerball Set,Aquolina Pink Sugar Gift Set.
image source www.sephora.com

3.Bath & Body
Aromatherapy Oils,Soap& Glory You Cube Set,Caudalie Gift Set,Philosophy Sweet Kisses & Merry Wishes Set.
image source www.sephora.com
All of the above mention gift sets are available at sephora.com (excluding Aromatherapy Oils)

Other Gifts
Coffee Warmer,Candel Stands,Laptop Bags,Small Plant Pots with Plants
image source www.rainbrooke.com,proflowers.com,rosannainc.com

rainebrooke.com .......they have some very pretty and girly laptop bags.
proflowers.com .....I love the mini garden,lovely plants in the colorful pots.
 rosannainc.com......have come gorgeous candle stands,mugs,glassware,flatware,plates and platters.
The above mentioned websites ships worldwide.

These are just ideas,you dont have to buy the exact same things,buy gifts according to your budget and the availability of the items.

I would love to receive the plant pots,smashbox lip gloss set.

What are your Christmas or New year's gift expectations...what would you like to be surprised with??? :)

9 Dec 2011


And in case if you are wondering why I disappeared ...actually I lost my password ( which I'm sure I didn't...how can I forget/lost it???? noway!!!) or maybe it was hacked..I couldn't login and blogger was pretty unkind...no help at all,putting a halt to my blogging...but finally they were the ones who fixed my problem..if I had a custom domain things must have been easier... at least this is what I've learned!! 

I have a new password now but the same passion for blogging,lots and lots of makeup stuff is waiting in my stash to be reviewed and the makeup I kept for the giveaway..hmmmm...now I'm thinking of a new years giveaway :) I kept reading other blogs and missed blogging so much...at one point I thought of starting a new blog and giving up on this one...but thanks God things will be back to normal now....yeahhhhhhh my blog:)

Please leave a comment don't leave me feeling I'm writing this post to myself... :) 
Much Love 

5 Oct 2011

Clinique Chubby Stick (Woopin' watermelon,Review,swatches)

Here is a review of the product that i am absolutely loving,my go to lip color nowadays..... its Clinique "Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm in Woopin' Watermelon".

Product Concept: Clinique Chubby stick is a super nourishing lip balm with mango and shea butter for dry delicate lips,available in 8 natural looking lip colors,each with a subtle sheen.view shades here.
price in US $.15.00, UK.£14.00. ( I have not seen this product in Pakistan)

Packaging,Formula,Coverage,Texture: Chubby stick comes in a standard floral Clinique box,it is a fat(chubby) pen and each lip balm is colored to match the lip product inside it.it has a silver top and bottom,when you twist the end more product comes out.
the lip balm contains Shea butters and mango so its a treat for your lips,it is 100% fragrance free and allergy tested,the texture is smooth,it is not super glossy and applies easily,single coat gives a nice tint to lips.each chubby stick contains 3g lip balm.

My Thoughts: I really don't like lip balms which comes in messy jars and you have to dip you fingers inside to get some out and i don't even enjoy using standard medicated lip balms in boring tubes...so this product really caught my attention,the chubby tube is so pretty and easy to use.i really enjoy the formula because it glides on easily and it doesn't feel heavy ... i love weightless products on my lips.
Surprisingly the color pay off is good,i thought that it would be a tint but is shows up quite nicely...it will pick up your lip color so if your lips are pale,woopin' watermelon wont show up on you more than a tint.its staying power is another surprising factor...even if i drink and eat the tint of color and smoothness lasts(of course most of the sheen and color wears off) when the product is removed it leaves my lips feeling soft..i was disappointed at my choice of color because its just another light pink in my collection,i wish i had ordered any other color than this...but it doesn't mean its not a pretty pink,i am not sure about the coverage and texture of the other lip colors from this range,but the coverage of woopin' watermelon is impressive.i read some reviews saying its very glossy...i think the gloss/sheen is very decent.

My only object is the price...i think it is expensive because it has only 3g product less than an average lipstick/balm other than that i love it.

I would recommend it (if you don't mind the price) and i would love to repurchase it in another color.

What do you think of this cute chubby sticks have you tried it! and what is your favorite lip product nowadays:),my first blog giveaway is coming soon so keep your fingers crossed:)

25 Sep 2011

Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser.

I have been using Neutrogna wave for quite a long time now and i know its not a new product...i normally don't try such products and firstly, i never knew it is available in Pakistan,when i saw it in Motta's Super Store in Karachi i was surprised at how cheap it was...so i grabbed one.
now here is what Neutrogena claims about this product;

  • a revolutionary new power cleanser with two cleansing speeds that will transform your cleansing routine and give you softer,great looking skin after 1 use.
  • depending on what your skin needs you can choose gentle daily massaging or deep cleansing.
  • speed 1 is for gentle daily massaging ,the soft vibration massage your skin and the tingly lather removes dirt,oil,makeup.
  • speed 2 is for deep pore cleansing,feel how the intense vibrations help open pores for a real thorough clean.

HOW IT WORKS: this pretty little gadget comes with 2 weeks supply pad.first remove the plastic lid than insert the battery provided with  gadget and put back the lid....the pads comes
in a plastic pouch,place the pad on attachment head it sticks well with the little dots,hold the power cleanser under running water to activate the pad....there are 2 speeding systems turn on by pressing power button...set the speed as you like and start rubbing the pad on your face.it takes a minute to lather up.you can use it in the shower as well,it is water resistant so water cant hurt it:)

MY THOUGHTS: cleansers don't really comes in funky little thing like this...and before i used this one i always asked myself how these "things" can possibly work on skin!! but now i am addicted to this...i don't use it to remove my makeup,and not everyday just twice or sometimes once a week...but i use it for deep pore cleansing...it doesn't really lather up but this thing does not use its foam to clean face,but use its vibration. the vibration helps stimulate your skin.i use it for more than 5 minutes and it makes my skin super duper clean and soft and it also brightens up my complexion.when i'll run out of the pads i am going to get more...my sister loves it too,it works even better on her skin...its like a mini facial at home and the vibration helps to relax my face....i never knew if i am going to like it this much:) i got it from Motta's Super Store for Rs.995...now the price has increased...its  Rs.1195.
I would recommend this product to others and repurchase it again!

22 Sep 2011

my first blog award...:)

Lovely Alisha Serre  alishaserre.blogspot.com has given me  this award...in German liebster means "favorite" or "beloved"

this award is actually given to those who have less than 200 followers to help them to get  more recognition from the beauty blogging community:) because all of us deserve attention and everyone of us is working so hard on our blogs.i think its a fabulous idea:)Alisha passed it to me and now i will pass it on to five other blogs that i like;

  • Post this on your blog.
  • Choose five other bloggers you want to award it to,and let them know that you have given this award to them.
  • acknowledge the person who gave this award to you by linking it back to them.
Much Love,

21 Sep 2011

I Hauled....and I'll haul again 'n again 'n......

Girls... here is a quick glimpse at the products i hauled... well honestly i didn't hauled every thing because Beauty UK nail polishes are not available in Pakistan...i bought Mac beauty powder blush from EBCO at forum and Schwarzkoph Flatliner was on my wishlist ever since i read a review of this on Jeeya's beauty and fashion blog...
when i got home i discovered that the rimmel gloss i bought is in the old packaging they have actually changed their packaging but im not much bothered by this... Revlon creme gloss is also sent to me from UK by a relative:) and i'd like to mention that i pay for all the products sent to me by my friends/relatives.

so all you beauty (products) addicts what have you hauled recently...is there anything special on your wishlist!!let me try out all these products and then i will review them in detail as i always do.....take care:)

14 Sep 2011

A Must Have Pink Lipstick....

I have been searching for a perfect pink and finally i got one... L'Oreal Color Riche Made For Me (Naturals) in Sunset Blush 257.I love the concept behind this range..there is a shade for every skin color so you wont be coming home without getting one for yourself.i have used two other shades from the same collection quite a long time back when these were pretty new in the market,my sister bought a travel kit... those were gorgeous colors but too light and nude for my skin tone but i loved the packaging and the texture.recently i went to Naheed Super Market and i got this one.L'oreal Paris Color Riche Made For Me is distributed in Naturals,Intense,Boosting Serum and Universal Lip Glow...its quite a selection.

PACKAGING: the lipstick comes in a subtle gold casing...it doesn't say how much grams it has but the tube is pretty big..it must be 4g.my lipstick had two nasty stickers on it so i sprayed some deodorant and with the stickers the golden color of the casing also came off and the cap now looks silver and golden:)
TEXTURE OF THE LIPSTICK: i have also used two other shades from this range including this one so i can tell that the texture varies from shade to shade...Sunset Blush is made for Dark Brunettes and has a very smooth, moisturizing texture,it doesn't feel heavy on lips and the sheen is clear it doesn't have any shimmers and glitters.the other two i used had shimmers in them.it has a lovely fragrance which is actually unnoticeable once the lippy is applied on lips.
MY THOUGHTS: the title of this post already gives an idea of how much i like the lippy...these lipstick have a great staying power.this medium pink will suit almost all skin colors.the sheen is gorgeous.it doesn't transfer as dark on the lips as it looks in the tube.the color is buildable.single coat is sheer and two coats provide full coverage and medium pink shade.i think its a high end lipstick at a drugstore price...i don't exactly remember the price but i guess i paid between Rs.1100 -Rs.1400 and $8 to $9. check out some other colors on their website HERE  swatches on the website are disappointing though.
have you tried any of these lipsticks..i think L'Oreal Made For Me are pretty under rated.

4 Sep 2011

EcoTools: 6 piece eye brush set

Ecotools is a earth friendly,cruelty free company,launched in 2008 their products features innovative earth friendly materials,1% of Ecotools annual sales is donated to 1% for the Planet...how cool is that...there is a way of beautifying our selves without being cruel:)
I bought a six piece eye brush set from Ecotools that comes in a plastic pouch which proudly says..
Handles made from bamboo a highly sustainable plant.
100% cruelty free soft taklon bristles.
recycled aluminum ferrules.
Natural cotton and hemp travel case.
Reusable storage pouch.

I got confused when i first had this cloth case in my hands...i was like "where the hell is the sixth brush"...i read the description on the back of the pouch and discovered that the sixth piece is actually the cloth case...frankly i got a bit displeased:( .... "6 piece eye brush set" can be misleading to some people.
The darling little case has "five" brushes and a mirror which isn't the best quality,the brushes aren't exactly travel sized but these are not even regular sized...the kit includes;

Large eye brush.
Angled crease brush.
Highlighting brush.
Petite eye shading brush.
Smudge brush.
A travel case with mirror.

Lets see how Ecotools recommends the use of each brush and how i like using them.

LARGE EYE BRUSH: Eco tools says; "apply and blend shadows"
i think this brush is too big for eye shadow application...i like it better for nose contouring and for highlighting the cheek bones.i still use it for eyeshadow application but i dont think it is the best brush for this purpose.

ANGLED CREASE BRUSH: Ecotools says; "softly apply color to crease for definition"
it is also a good brush for nose contouring,highlighting brow bone, you can use it as you wish...i prefer to use it for highlighting the brow bone.

HIGHLIGHTING BRUSH: Ecotools says; "perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners of eyes"
this is the my most favorite brush from this set...i love it for blending the crease color...it is great for highlighting brow bone,i also apply eye shadow with it all over my eyelid,it is great for blending...its a very versatile brush!

PETITE EYE SHADING BRUSH: Ecotools says "use with deeper or accent colors for a bold look"
this is a great brush for minor detailing...and also a good one for smudging eyeliner or blending and applying eyeshadow on the lower lash line!

SMUDGE BRUSH: Ecotools says "smudge shadow and liner along lash line for a smokey look"
another favorite of mine...i use it exactly how Ecotools recommends..it does the job wonderfully!

Their earth friendly,cruelty free nature and their reasonable price is not the only reason why i liked them...the brushes are high in performance as well as good looking!!all the brushes are fluffy soft and very dense...denser brushes tends to deposit more powder so don't pack much product you don't want to apply more than required.these brushes don't require much storage space and are very light weight to travel with..i washed them twice and no shedding at all...the washing didn't effect the softness of the brushes.in my opinion this brush set is a must have and i will try more brushes from Ecotools.if you are in Pakistan you can buy these brushes from http://www.just4girls.pk.

19 Aug 2011

E.L.F Studio Blush In Fuchsia Fusion.

who doesn't know e.l.f now...they offer quality products at a very cheap price...some of their products are pretty comparable to high end brands... their products are not easily available in shops and most of the time can only be purchased online.. yeah! we all know this already!! but i am sure not many of us know that their products are 100% cruelty free and the company supports PETA's no fur campaign,another reason to like their brand:)
the good news is that e.l.f is now available in Pakistan and you can shop online www.eyeslipsface.pk 
as the title says the blush i am reviewing is from studio line and the color is Fuchsia Fusion. 

PACKAGING: studio line blushes are packaged in thick black plastic...the packaging is very sleek and it has a mirror inside,a clear window on top so you can see the color inside..it is very light weight to carry in your bag...5/5 for packaging!

PRODUCT: i prefer to use makeup that blends effortlessly,this blush blends very smoothly and easily.i am not sure if the formula vary from blush to blush but this color is very smooth and i have no complain with the quality of this product,it has a great staying power and no fragrance.

MY THOUGHTS: i am addicted to wearing this blush everyday,the color is gorgeous,it blends easily...I would describe it as a bright cool toned pink and it has very fine silver/gold glitters...it looks too bright in the pan but once its on it looks very smooth and cool toned pink...the shade is buildable..i am not a fan of glittery products but this has such gorgeous gold and silver glitters...if you don't like glitters just dust them off from the brush....simple!! the swatch in the picture doesn't justify how gorgeous this blush is...but the glitters are pretty visible.this blush does pick up your skin color,it looks a little mauvy if your skin is brown and it looks bright and more pink if you are fair!
i am going to try other blushes from the studio line.... overall i am very impressed and i wish  i could impress you with a better swatch:( i would absolutely recommend to try out these blushes.studio line blushes are available online for just Rs.400.

8 Aug 2011

Yellow VS Yellow.....

i have been wanting a yellow nail polish for quite a long time...yellow nail reminds of smilies..so cute and fun:) so i got two nail polishes for me...Beauty Uk glam nails in yellow peril No.36 and Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish in 280 sunshine.i am going to review each nail polish individually and than i am going to compare them!!

"beauty uk glam nails"nail polish in yellow peril is a pretty milky yellow,thick and well pigmented nail color...i am pretty impressed with the quality of the brush,it applies smoothly and the brush covers every detail of the nail...it is available in 31 gorgeous shades i am not sure if the other nail colors in this collection have the same pigmentation,this is pretty fast drying as well.the price is awesome £1.99 for 9ml.. check out the other colors here.

Beauty UK Glam Nails in Yellow peril No.36
Rimmel London Lasting Finish nail polish in 280 sunshine is a gorgeous yellow and i would describe it as a true yellow...the formula is very thin and smooth it applies effortlessly...but it is not well pigmented i required at least three coats but still it failed to cover my nails properly.i don't exactly remember the price:(

Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish 280 sunshine
there are three similarities between these two nail polishes...both comes in handy petite bottles,both of them stained my nails badly and they chipped off the next day...so you may want to use a base coat to prevent staining and a top coat so that it doesn't chip off easily...as much as i love the smooth application and the brush of beauty UK nail polish the milky yellow color makes me frown because it makes my hands look very tired.i love the color of the Rimmel lasting finish nail polish but it is too much work for me 3 coats and than a base coat and top coat!!!in the pictures i am not wearing a top coat or a base coat maybe you can't really tell by looking at the picture that even after 3 coats it didn't properly covered my nails so i am afraid i'll have to pass it and i'll keep the beauty UK glam nail polish and i'll try other colors from this collection:) 

18 Jul 2011

Clean&Clear Oxygenating Facial Scrub

hey everyone! i just found a great scrub that i have been using for almost a month now...so i guess its time for a review...i have been trying scrubs and nothing seems to work..some are really scratchy and hard on my skin and some are to mild they don't even feel like scrubbing my face.... than i read a review about this Clean&Clear Oxygenating Facial Scrub since i am pretty impressed with their other products here i thought to try this one out.

clean&clear oxygenating facial scrub
nothing is worth mentioning about the packaging..i paid Rs.545 for 141g that is almost $7...it doesn't mention if it is for a particular skin type but i guess everyone regardless of the skin type can use this since we all require oxygen to breath!

it says on the back "it is a unique formula,infused with oxygen,that gently exfoliates skin,removes excess dirt,oil and dead skin cells to reveal softer more healthy looking skin,use Clean&Clear Oxygenating Facial Scrub for a clean so deep it allows your skin to breath"

i am really impressed  with this scrub...it has exactly the kind of scrubbing beads i wanted...it is not harsh and not to mild..it has very fine whitish beads and than it has blue beads...a pea size amount is enough for the face...i love how it makes my skin super soft,fresh and clearer..it didn't give any kind of trouble to my sensitive and pimple prone skin.this scrub is not creamy...it is has a gel like consistency and it doesn't completely lather up...it feels very cool against my skin and it has a minty smell.i would definitely try out other scrubs as well...but right now i am pretty satisfied with this purchase!

13 Jul 2011

Review Of L'Oreal Elvive Shampoos

me and my sister are always searching for a good shampoo...honestly i lost my interest in shampoos...they cant do anything other than cleaning the regular dirt from the hairs...one day when we were shopping scratching our heads couldn't decide what shampoo to try this time...than she picked up a bottle of Elvive Total Repair 5..."the add is interesting" aishwarya says "5 problems,1 solution" i said lets try this....and yeah we fell in love with this shampoo probably the best shampoo we have ever used.later i decided to buy the anti dandruff shampoo but let me first review the total repair 5.

 left to right...L'Oreal Evlive Total Repair5 and 
Elvive Anti Dandruff Active Selenium

Review:L'Oreal Elvive total repair 5
it claims to fight the 5 signs of damaged hair.
1.hair fall 2.roughness 3.dullness 4.limpness and 5.split ends
 honestly this shampoo is like no other shampoo...my sister has rough dry hair with split ends this shampoo is really a solution for all of her hair problems including hair fall...her split ends are completely gone..i didn't know a shampoo can put an end to the split ends..this is amazing.i suffered from hair loss, limpness of hair and frizziness...it cleared all my concerns:)
the shampoo is milky white in texture and color...the scent of this shampoo is very light and pleasant...a little amount of this shampoo is enough even for oily hairs...it cleanses the scalp efficiently and leave our hair manageabley soft and shiny.this is my holy grail shampoo.i bought the small bottle for Rs.345.

Review:L'Oreal Elvive Active Dandruff  
Active Selenium
i used this shampoo when i was convinced with total repair 5....and the reason why i used this was because i get dandruff in winters my scalp turns very dry,itchy so i thought i should try this out...in just three days my i had a dandruff free scalp...it completely got rid of itching and discomfort caused my dandruff... it is yellow in color it also control hair fall and leaves the hair manageable soft and smooth.i only used this one for two months  the winter has gone so i got back to total repair 5:)i bought the small bottle for Rs.345....i am really impressed with loreal shampoos...they are affordable and extremely effective as well.

NOTE: L'Oreal Elvive shampoos are renamed and repackaged in some countries but in India and Pakistan these are still available under old packaging and name...this cant be the old stock,i am pretty sure it is just their market strategy to keep it the same way in Pakistan and India.

9 Jul 2011

my 3step affordable skin care routine

i have been wasting a lot of money on expensive skincare items and each time they failed me...or maybe i was expecting alot...because when you pay big bucks your expectations are high...anyways it all started long ago when i was in Naheed super market and i saw this clean&clear toner and i thought to give this a try...i used it and loved it so much and later i bought the moisturizer and face wash as well...so here are the reviews...you might want to try them out!!

clean&clear moisturizer,toner and acne cleanser

clean&clear oil controlling toner:
it claims that "it removes oil and dirt which clog pores and it contains ingredients to help prevent blemishes".
 i have been using this toner for about six months now...it has a fresh minty smell.. doesn't smell like a  typical astringent...i damp a cotton pad with this toner and clean my skin,it removes oil,dirt and makeup as well and my skin feels soft,clear and fresh without getting  over dry..i have noticed a visible reduction in oiliness ever since im using this toner.

clean&clear oil free moisturizer:
it claims"the oil free formula without moisturizes the skin greasiness,does not clog pores and help prevent blemishes".

thank God i have found this....it has a lovely fresh slightly fruity smell.it is white in color the texture of the product is smooth and non oily...i apply  a pea size amount of this on my face and pea size on my neck...it takes a minute to get absorbed in the skin...since i have oily and pimple prone skin i used salicylic acid base face wash that dry certain parts of my skin especially my jaw area...ever since im using this moisturizer my skin has become soft and smooth makeup blends easily..it keeps my skin radiant looking....i totally love this!!

clean&clear acne clearing cleanser:
it claims that "it cleanses thoroughly into pores,removes oil dirt and impurities that causes pimples,help prevent development of new pimples ,reduces discomfort from acne irritated skin".
it has a minty fresh smell and it is blue green in color....unlike other acne face washes it doesn't dry out my skin..it makes my skin soft,fresh and well hydrated without a feeling greasiness.it really reduces the itching and pain that pimples caused me...but i would not recommend it for serious acne it is more suitable for those who gets frequent pimples due to oil and dirt in skin.

the combination of moisturizer and toner had reduced the oiliness,blemishes from my skin...this moisturizer and toner is made in Thailand. moisturizer Rs.165(125ml,large bottle) toner Rs.85 (50ml,small bottle) and cleanser Rs.125 (50g,small tube)... 
have you used any of these products?you can comment and share your experience here it'll might help others!

25 Jun 2011


I went to Imtiaz super market yesterday and bought some skin care and other items along with grocery....I love grocery shopping as well:)

I read the review of clean and clear oxygenating facial scrub on a blog(the name of the blog just skipped me) ever since then I just wanted it so badly...and one of my friend was raving about Ever Youth golden glow peel off mask so had to buy and try this one aswell...I will review these two products  and the others very soon:)

1 Jun 2011


I usually dont like to wear nail polishes .I prefer French manicures or simply clean nails over colored nails but when it comes to trends who can resist???so I thought I should get some colors for my nails and I picked up three shades form collection 2000 hot looks nail polishes bmx bandit,blue hawai and wham.these nail polishes comes in a lovely variety of shades.this is what they claim on the website..

..bright on trend shades
..fast dry nail polish,dries in under 60 seconds
..exceptional high gloss finish
..high fashion on trend shades

I have not tried any of the other shades but they look pretty cool on the website..I think these nail polishes have good shine not exceptional..but I definitely dont require a top coat to make it look more shiny.. these nail polishes are super fast drying...they dry in under 40 seconds...how cool is that:)I am very impatient when it comes to wait for nail polishes to get dry so it simply rocks for me...they dont chip easily..I am not a big fan of the brush its pretty cheap quality.they clearly write on the nail polishes "use a base coat to prevent staining on the nails"..it did stain my nails but when I wash my hands with soap the satin fades away so for me its nothing to bother about but I am not sure if this is going to work for the other shades from this collection!!

left to right..bmx bandit,wham,blue hawai. 

1..BMX Bandit...this is my most favorite shade out of the three..sometimes it looks purple and sometimes it looks blue so it is a blue purple color..a single coat is enough to get the best color.
2..Blue Hawaii...it is a gorgeous bright blue shade..single coat is enough to get the best color...whenever I wear this color I get lots of compliments:)
3..Wham...wham is a grey color with blue under tones(almost unnoticeable blue undertones) two coats are required to get the best color but I wear a single coat because I think single coat looks prettier on my hands.(in the picture I am wearing  two coats)

overall these are pretty good and inexpensive nail polishes at  £1.79 they worth a try.

19 May 2011


I have never used a primer before maybe because I never needed one...but now my skin is in trouble,I wanted something that makes my skin soft and even toned...so I thought to buy Loreal's smoothing resurfacing primer since loreal never disappoints me so it was my first choice.

LOREAL CLAIMS: this primer masks wrinkles and uneven textures in the skin making the complexion smooth and velvet,it gives a matte and silky finish.
MY EXPERIENCE: this primer comes in a glass jar with a black plastic lid the packaging is pretty decent and basic,the texture of this primer is mousy and  the color is pale pink .it can be used alone or under a foundation for a perfect base.on the website Loreal suggests that you can use it only on the uneven parts of skin like around the nose or under the eyes or you can use it all over the face like I do.

all the claims about this primer are pretty much true...it provides a super smooth surface for makeup and my skin feels velvety soft it also gives a matte and radiant finish,this primer does not feel heavy or greasy and it doesn't effect my makeup in any way...I mean  it doesn't make my makeup stay longer and it doesn't even make my makeup melt off my face.I was  quite surprised to see the jar because it is too small and pricey for a drug store brand...the rest is great...I will definitely repurchase this primer because my oily,uneven skin is pretty satisfied with it...I am not sure if this is going to work the same for dry skin.if you have used this  please share your thoughts.

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