8 Aug 2011

Yellow VS Yellow.....

i have been wanting a yellow nail polish for quite a long time...yellow nail reminds of smilies..so cute and fun:) so i got two nail polishes for me...Beauty Uk glam nails in yellow peril No.36 and Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish in 280 sunshine.i am going to review each nail polish individually and than i am going to compare them!!

"beauty uk glam nails"nail polish in yellow peril is a pretty milky yellow,thick and well pigmented nail color...i am pretty impressed with the quality of the brush,it applies smoothly and the brush covers every detail of the nail...it is available in 31 gorgeous shades i am not sure if the other nail colors in this collection have the same pigmentation,this is pretty fast drying as well.the price is awesome £1.99 for 9ml.. check out the other colors here.

Beauty UK Glam Nails in Yellow peril No.36
Rimmel London Lasting Finish nail polish in 280 sunshine is a gorgeous yellow and i would describe it as a true yellow...the formula is very thin and smooth it applies effortlessly...but it is not well pigmented i required at least three coats but still it failed to cover my nails properly.i don't exactly remember the price:(

Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish 280 sunshine
there are three similarities between these two nail polishes...both comes in handy petite bottles,both of them stained my nails badly and they chipped off the next day...so you may want to use a base coat to prevent staining and a top coat so that it doesn't chip off easily...as much as i love the smooth application and the brush of beauty UK nail polish the milky yellow color makes me frown because it makes my hands look very tired.i love the color of the Rimmel lasting finish nail polish but it is too much work for me 3 coats and than a base coat and top coat!!!in the pictures i am not wearing a top coat or a base coat maybe you can't really tell by looking at the picture that even after 3 coats it didn't properly covered my nails so i am afraid i'll have to pass it and i'll keep the beauty UK glam nail polish and i'll try other colors from this collection:) 


  1. I'm so in to yellow nail polish right now. I would love to get my hands on the Rimmel one, but I haven't seen this particular colour here in Lahore. I love the Barry M one which is just a tad bit lighter than Rimmel one.

    I'm following you. It'll be lovely if you follow me back


  2. @Glamarama...yeah its hard to find rimmel "i love lasting nail polishes" in Pakistan... thanks for letting me know about your blog...sure i would love to be a member of your lovely blog:)

  3. "both comes in handy petite bottles,both of them stained my nails badly and they chipped off the next day"

    Not gonna lie; as pretty as they seem, based on the last two bits, I think I'm skipping, though, I appreciate your candor. Plus, I can't get BeautyUK, anyway. xP

  4. both of them looks so beautiful. I like beauty UK too. :)
    Thanks for following my blog sweets :) i love your's and am very happy to follow it. I actually came earlier to follow your's but the widget wasn't working.<3


  5. This shade is so vibrant and fun! =)

  6. Hi! Beautiful yellow! LOve it!

  7. beauty uk is more beautiful i think :)

  8. It is so beautiful and vibrant colour


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