18 Jul 2011

Clean&Clear Oxygenating Facial Scrub

hey everyone! i just found a great scrub that i have been using for almost a month now...so i guess its time for a review...i have been trying scrubs and nothing seems to work..some are really scratchy and hard on my skin and some are to mild they don't even feel like scrubbing my face.... than i read a review about this Clean&Clear Oxygenating Facial Scrub since i am pretty impressed with their other products here i thought to try this one out.

clean&clear oxygenating facial scrub
nothing is worth mentioning about the packaging..i paid Rs.545 for 141g that is almost $7...it doesn't mention if it is for a particular skin type but i guess everyone regardless of the skin type can use this since we all require oxygen to breath!

it says on the back "it is a unique formula,infused with oxygen,that gently exfoliates skin,removes excess dirt,oil and dead skin cells to reveal softer more healthy looking skin,use Clean&Clear Oxygenating Facial Scrub for a clean so deep it allows your skin to breath"

i am really impressed  with this scrub...it has exactly the kind of scrubbing beads i wanted...it is not harsh and not to mild..it has very fine whitish beads and than it has blue beads...a pea size amount is enough for the face...i love how it makes my skin super soft,fresh and clearer..it didn't give any kind of trouble to my sensitive and pimple prone skin.this scrub is not creamy...it is has a gel like consistency and it doesn't completely lather up...it feels very cool against my skin and it has a minty smell.i would definitely try out other scrubs as well...but right now i am pretty satisfied with this purchase!


  1. I'll have to try this :) thanks for the wonderful review <3

  2. This looks like a great scrub! I agree, it can be hard to find one that you like! I've been using a Neutrogena one lately that I like a lot.

  3. clean and clear does have great cleansers, I still use them from time to time, so I gotta check this out!

  4. I'm always looking for a new face wash/cleansers to try. This one is next on my list. Great review.


  5. thank you very much for the comments and for those who joined my blog:)

  6. thank you =)
    I also have a purple one that I wear quite often =)

  7. it sounds great. I cant wait to buy this as i REALLY need a scrub


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