About me

Hi and welcome to my blog...I'm Benish a student who is obsessed with cosmetics and shopping.I love everything girly,pretty and precious.I started blogging to share my passion about makeup because I love buying, trying, wearing, using and collecting makeup:) I will also be sharing stuff that is worth sharing with my readers.

                                                           Random facts about me...                                                               
I am the youngest of three sisters.
I love shopping and eating out.
hate hot weather and love winters.
I am a blunt person and you will encounter my out spoken nature while reading my posts.
     I  love writing about beauty products but I love reading fiction books.
Necklaces are my favorite piece of jewellery.
I love to sleep and once I'm in bed, I hate the thought of getting up.
 I don't like watching movies, and don't really enjoy watching TV.
 I am petite, black hair and dark brown eyes.
My skin is sensitive.
          I dream of owning a gorgeous huge closet and a gorgeous makeup vanity.                            

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I love reading and discovering great blogs:)

Contact me : ubenish@gmail.com


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