16 Sep 2013

Essence Eyesdaow Palette,Eye Brushes,Hand Cream-Review

I have been wanting to write the reviews of  essence products for quite a long time and finally managed to write this blog post, 

I like sharing cheap and cheerful thrills :)

I picked up an essence eyeshadow palette in glamour to go 'sun club - 02 long beach' (a permanent collection palette). Its a gorgeous inexpensive eyeshadow palette for everyday use, it has eight eyeshadows and a dual sided applicator.

This shimmery eyeshadow palette includes warm colours - a  shimmery gold,bronze, a deep semi matte brown , a light brown, a light shimmery pink, yellowish highlighter, a copper colour and last but not least a grayish taupe to finish a beachy look.

I paid Rs.450, not a bad price to pay for a pretty little palette. Eyeshodows  have a good staying power if used with a primer. Shades in this palette work very  well together.

essence 24h hand protection balm  has a non greasy texture and it absorbs quickly leaving my hands soft and smooth. It has coconut oil and shea butter to repair damaged dry hands. I can't say much about the 24 hour claim because I can't  keep away from washing my hands for this long.

I also picked up two eye brushes form essence and I am loving both brushes. One is a smokey eye brush round, fluffy purple which I use to blend my crease eyeshadow precisely...it is very soft and just the prefect size for cease area.
The angled brush is a blue haired synthetic fibers gel eye liner brush  but I use it it apply my normal liquid or cream  eye liners. It is a perfect brush for an amazing price...it applies my eyeliner very smoothly and evenly. Both brushes didn't shed after washing. 

I paid Rs. 200 for each brush. Both these brushes are quite good quality at this price.
Essence products are available at Target and Priceline in Australia.

You can visit essence website here .
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