25 Sep 2011

Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser.

I have been using Neutrogna wave for quite a long time now and i know its not a new product...i normally don't try such products and firstly, i never knew it is available in Pakistan,when i saw it in Motta's Super Store in Karachi i was surprised at how cheap it was...so i grabbed one.
now here is what Neutrogena claims about this product;

  • a revolutionary new power cleanser with two cleansing speeds that will transform your cleansing routine and give you softer,great looking skin after 1 use.
  • depending on what your skin needs you can choose gentle daily massaging or deep cleansing.
  • speed 1 is for gentle daily massaging ,the soft vibration massage your skin and the tingly lather removes dirt,oil,makeup.
  • speed 2 is for deep pore cleansing,feel how the intense vibrations help open pores for a real thorough clean.

HOW IT WORKS: this pretty little gadget comes with 2 weeks supply pad.first remove the plastic lid than insert the battery provided with  gadget and put back the lid....the pads comes
in a plastic pouch,place the pad on attachment head it sticks well with the little dots,hold the power cleanser under running water to activate the pad....there are 2 speeding systems turn on by pressing power button...set the speed as you like and start rubbing the pad on your face.it takes a minute to lather up.you can use it in the shower as well,it is water resistant so water cant hurt it:)

MY THOUGHTS: cleansers don't really comes in funky little thing like this...and before i used this one i always asked myself how these "things" can possibly work on skin!! but now i am addicted to this...i don't use it to remove my makeup,and not everyday just twice or sometimes once a week...but i use it for deep pore cleansing...it doesn't really lather up but this thing does not use its foam to clean face,but use its vibration. the vibration helps stimulate your skin.i use it for more than 5 minutes and it makes my skin super duper clean and soft and it also brightens up my complexion.when i'll run out of the pads i am going to get more...my sister loves it too,it works even better on her skin...its like a mini facial at home and the vibration helps to relax my face....i never knew if i am going to like it this much:) i got it from Motta's Super Store for Rs.995...now the price has increased...its  Rs.1195.
I would recommend this product to others and repurchase it again!


  1. This looks so good. I've seen this in stores and never really gave it much thought. I'm going to go check it out. The price is pretty decent if you compare it the clarisonic.

  2. WOW! this looking promising. Thank you for sharing this. :) xx

  3. wiw i never heard of this product from neutrogena.Looks awesome Great review girl :)

  4. thanx for review looks good product

  5. Sounds like a good one!!! Thanks for the review :)
    Nice blog!

  6. OMG that looks FAB!!!
    i so want to have it.. i'll definitely check for that one.. i font like the rotating brush for daily use.. so this will be suited for me!!
    thanks for sharing!

  7. You know what. I saw this thing just today and I was wondering what is it. Thanks for the review. =D

  8. You know I have an earlier version of this product for quite a while now and I think I hardly ever use it..hmm..maybe I should use it more often :)

  9. Thanks fort he review, I will surely get this if ever I spot it since I think my skin would love this!


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