21 Sep 2011

I Hauled....and I'll haul again 'n again 'n......

Girls... here is a quick glimpse at the products i hauled... well honestly i didn't hauled every thing because Beauty UK nail polishes are not available in Pakistan...i bought Mac beauty powder blush from EBCO at forum and Schwarzkoph Flatliner was on my wishlist ever since i read a review of this on Jeeya's beauty and fashion blog...
when i got home i discovered that the rimmel gloss i bought is in the old packaging they have actually changed their packaging but im not much bothered by this... Revlon creme gloss is also sent to me from UK by a relative:) and i'd like to mention that i pay for all the products sent to me by my friends/relatives.

so all you beauty (products) addicts what have you hauled recently...is there anything special on your wishlist!!let me try out all these products and then i will review them in detail as i always do.....take care:)


  1. I recently picked up a bunch of stuff from MAC's Posh Paradise myself.

    Great haul!

  2. what does this oasis flatliner do?

  3. @VijiiS...thanks:)i will check out your reviews of Mac stuff.

    @Shinaaya...its an iron serum,which provides long lasting smooth effect when you iron your hair using it.i'll write a detailed review of this later:)

  4. I love that blush, can you do swatches later?

  5. @Rosamond Kim...yes dear im going to do a complete review of this later:)

  6. What a great haul. Waiting to see the reviews. ^^


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