9 Dec 2011


And in case if you are wondering why I disappeared ...actually I lost my password ( which I'm sure I didn't...how can I forget/lost it???? noway!!!) or maybe it was hacked..I couldn't login and blogger was pretty unkind...no help at all,putting a halt to my blogging...but finally they were the ones who fixed my problem..if I had a custom domain things must have been easier... at least this is what I've learned!! 

I have a new password now but the same passion for blogging,lots and lots of makeup stuff is waiting in my stash to be reviewed and the makeup I kept for the giveaway..hmmmm...now I'm thinking of a new years giveaway :) I kept reading other blogs and missed blogging so much...at one point I thought of starting a new blog and giving up on this one...but thanks God things will be back to normal now....yeahhhhhhh my blog:)

Please leave a comment don't leave me feeling I'm writing this post to myself... :) 
Much Love 


  1. Welcome back! I am so glad you were able to resolve the issue and get back into your blog, it would have been very sad if you'd had to start a new blog!

  2. @Sari thank you so much..i almost gave up but thank goodness ...its such a relief:)

  3. Good to see you back... hope to see more of your reviews soon

  4. Great I can't wait for your future posts then! Following you :) thanks for coming by my blog btw!



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