25 Dec 2011

Review of ELF Brightening Eye Color & Eyelid Primer

I recently got some products from elf and that also includes some eye makeup...honestly I dont have a lot of eye makeup because my eye makeup skills aren't that good so I always thought it would be a waste of money to buy something that I won't be using but now with many inexpensive and good quality products out there I'd be a fool not to practice and improve my skills...and so after reading some great reviews of elf brightening eye color I ordered some of them and also got an eyelid primer!!

ELF Brightening Eye Color In Ivy

elf Brightening Eye Color in IVY

the packaging is very basic,honestly here you really don't pay for the packaging...there are four colors in this small quad with an applicator...the colors coordinate well with each other,you won't need to pick up any other eyeshadow to match with them.I am not really impressed with the staying power but the colors are very smooth, well pigmented and my favorite from Ivy is the purple and a dark green one,primer is must if you want them to last longer but I am absolutely loving the quad and how easy are these to blend for someone like me who isn't an expert in eye makeup.The quad includes a lovely taupey purple,deep green,light green(highlight) and a gorgeous golden green,all the colors are decently shimmery but the dark green one is a little less shimmery more like a semi matte.
Brightening Eye Colors are available in 19 quads,so you have a great variety to choose from.

ELF EyeLid Primer
elf eyelid primer is an eyeshadow primer for long lasting crease proof eyeshadow and it is available in four colors Sheer, Champagne,Pearl,Golden...all of the colors are nude.
I wasn't sure which one to get so I just ordered Sheer...this eyelid primer has a sponge applicator,the packaging is very basic,nothing fancy here!
Its an awesome product.It holds the eyeshadow so well,eyeshadows blends easily...the texture of this eyelid primer is very smooth and it has a lovely sheen but that doesn't add anything to the eyeshadows,its a creamy nude color and it goes well with most of my eyeshadows.Iwould highly recommend this primer.

prices are different in Pakistan,UK,USA.
price of both brightening eye color and eyelid primer in USA $.1.Visit HERE
price of both brightening eye color and eyelid primer in UK 1.50.Visit HERE
visit elf Pakistan www.eyeslipsface.pk to buy the products.

 I hope you enjoyed the reviews...I am going to announce my elf giveaway in next post:)


  1. Those eye shadows are gorgeous, thanks for the swatches! I love the bronzey gold color!

  2. The purple color in the quad is so pretty...I agree elf products are so cheap and worth a try.

  3. Mmm might get it, I've always been tempted to buy ELF products x

  4. very nice review..glad to find ur blog. i am elf products myself.
    Following u now


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