21 Jun 2012

The Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare Starter Kit

I went to the Body Shop to buy the seaweed starter kit, I thought it will work better for my skin but I ended up buying the Vitamin E starter kit,I thought it is a wonderful way to try four of the products at once and to check out how well they work together. 

I had acne but now it has all cleared up...I still have lots and lots of dark spots left from acne, due to my skin treatments my skin has been behaving a lot better its not that oily,now my skin is slightly combination, I was looking for products that moisturizes, minimize the pores and even out my skin tone and removes the roughness from the chin and nose.

Vitamin E Starter Kit
It comes in a cute pink pouch which can be re-used as a makeup pouch:) .The  Vitamin E products are suitable for all skin types.The starter kit has four travel size products. 
1.Vitamin E Cream Cleanser 60ml .view details here
2.Vitamin E hydrating Toner 60ml. view details here
3.Vitamin E moisture Cream 15ml. view details here
4.Vitamin E Night Cream 15ml. view details here

Vitamin E Cream Cleanser:
It is a light weight cleanser, has a nice smell to it,removes  makeup and dirt from face,it leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean, doesn't feel oily and greasy and I didn't get a single break out.

Vitamin E Hydrating Toner:
This is an amazing toner...I used it twice a day and it leaves my skin fresh,hydrated and very smooth,smells very nice, it is a yellowish liquid, denser than water but not too thick,when I apply It I love the feel of it so much that I really don't want to apply anything else!

Vitamin E Moisture Cream:
It is a baby pink cream and its more like a thick lotion in a jar,I find it a  bit heavy and it takes a more time to absorb for a daytime moisturizer,I think this one is better for dry skin but it is not greasy and oily,its just heavy and takes a little bit longer to sink in.

Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream:
This is most possibly the best night moisturizer/Nourishing cream I've ever used,its is also a light baby pink cream,very thick and luxurious but very soft and absorbent when applied,it leaves my skin silky soft and hydrated. 

I could see the improvement in my skin right after 5 days. After 26 days my skin was brighter, even toned,smooth, my skin now feels  hydrated and healthy, all the roughness around my nose and chin has gone...I didn't get a single pimple, which rarely happens when I try a new skin product,overall I have been loving these products, It delivers what it claims.If  I will repurchase anything from this kit it will the night cream and Toner...but I am more tempted to try out other products from The BodyShop. Both creams lasted me for 36 days, cleanser lasted me for 18 uses and I still have a little bit left of toner. I am sure any of this full size product will last for at least 4 months...not bad! I paid Rs.1750 for this starter kit.

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  1. I love The Body Shop's skincare lines! I have used the Nutriganics and Vitamin C lines and liked both very much (I had an allergic reaction to Wise Woman; I think it was the fragrance). So glad you liked this set, I feel like their skincare is underappreciated.

    1. Vitamin C is next on my list, I am going to try something from this line.

  2. Never knew about the starter kit, seems lovely and whatta nice review.

    Love! <3

  3. Great review. It sounds like a collection that fulfils its claims. :)

    1. Thank you Shang J, I have a good experience with Body Shop Vitamin E products, now I am tempted to try more of their skincare products.

  4. its a good line i hust want to know where from these products have to purchase in pakistan or any online link? so i can buy

  5. Sanam you can purchase Body Shop products in Karachi from Naheed super market, Dolman mall, Park towers. I am not sure about other cities but you can visit BodyShop Pakistan facebook page to get more information:) I am sure they will help and let you know where their products can be found in other cities.


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