10 Jun 2012

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Shine Gelee Lipsticks [Review,Swatches]

Most of my lipsticks are pink so these two colors really stands out in my lipstick collection.Not just the colors but the packaging and quality as well!

 Here is an idea of what L'Oreal says "Color Riche Shine Gelee is enriched with Royal jelly, Shea butter, its conditioning formula nourishes and hydrates like a balm and shine like a gloss, the formula reflects light like a crystal for a shimmery shine effect with a non sticky finish"

LOreal Color Riche Shine Gelee Lipstick in 104 Pretty peach
L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 400 sheer papaya

I have two colors of Color Riche Shine Gelee Lipsticks sheer papaya and pretty peach,
I tested all colors before I bought these two...this range has some gorgeous colors for all skin tones, all of these lipsticks are very shiny and smooth and a moisturizing look and feel to them.The amount of glitter/shimmer is different in each lipstick.Few of them appears to have a clear shine. Color Riche Shine Gelee are unexpectedly very pigmented for a glossy lipstick.Staying power is average and the lipsticks feel light weight and comfortable on lips.
Pretty Peach is a pretty coral-y peachy color (how many times you hear pinky peachy...now you are introduced to coral-y peachy) this color has some serious golden glitters....very chunky and sparkly, I don't see it as a day wear lipstick...its a glamorous color and really stands out.

Sheer papaya is a warm peach( its a little bit more deeper  and pigmented than it shows in the picture).I wear it more often because it really suits my skin.It has peachy-golden shimmer and it is more pigmented,long lasting and less glossy than pretty peach...perfect for medium dark skin.

Now the sad part is that...If I am not mistaken these lipsticks are discontinued,I don't see them anywhere on L'Oreal official website:(  probably these are replaced with L'Oreal Rouge Caresse  Lipsticks. If you live in Pakistan than you don't have to worry since the stock is full of these lippies...if you feel like buying a few for you after this review...go grab some for yourself:) I paid Rs.1100 for each lipstick,I think these are now sold for Rs.1400,
Have a nice Sunday girls!


  1. These shades are both very pretty on you! I don't think I've seen this product in the U.S., but I wish we had it here! Your lips look so full and smooth with this lipstick.

    1. Thank you Sarah.these were sold in USA I checked the US website but they don't have it there anymore, because now these lipsticks are discontinued.

  2. I love the papaya shade, looks fab on you. Though I am sad I can't buy this shade here in Melbourne. I have been looking for a similar shade for myself

    1. I can't think of any other similar shade,I'd have loved to help you.

  3. i have 2 of the color riche lipsticks! "blush fever" looks a lot like the pretty in peach one!

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