24 Mar 2012

17 shine control loose powder & mirror shine lipstick.

A dear friend visiting Great Britain bought both things for me :) of course I paid for everything,after a few buys my friend got a 5 pound voucher to spend on 17 products, he already got my mirror shine lipsticks so he called me asking what else I want ...I thought its a good chance of trying out something new.

17 shine control loose powder is a micro fine translucent powder to help control shine break thorigh.it is oil free dermatological tested,fragrance free which is great.

The powder is translucent so I guess it will suit all skin tones...the powder is very smooth,matte. Packaging is very basic nothing fancy...the size of the holes are appropriate enough and it doesn't dispose off a lot product at once.the packaging is deceiving I thought the whole jar is full of powder but it was only half full or half empty!! later I realized its nothing to nit pick,I use a little amount of this product and its going to last me a long time.

It does an amazing job controlling shine on my face,because I have oily skin and it completely mattifies my face without making my complexion look very flat.I never got any breakouts, I absolutely love this product..its the best setting powder for oily skin that I have ever used:)
How cute mirror shine lipsticks look...flashy little lippies...the packaging though is not good quality.Mirror shine lipsticks are very very sheer even the brightest shade looks very sheer on lips.I love sheer lipsticks.if you don't than you might not like them at all.Belle is my favorite color,it looks dark in the tube but its a sheer pink color.it adds so much shine on my lips,its smooth and glossy,but the staying power is below average,I find my self reapplying it alot.I know these aren't the best lipsticks out there,but the clear luxurious shine,smoothness makes me want to wear this lipsticks again and again,this is the kind of texture I like...this is my second Belle and I am going to try out more colors from this range.when ever I wear this lipstick I usually get compliments:)
Excuse me for the blurry picture...this one really captured the true color of the lipstick:)


  1. That powder sounds wonderful, and the lipstick looks like a gorgeous shade! I really like sheer lip colors, I think they have an important place in everyone's lipstick warddrobe!

  2. I've heard such good things about these 17 lipsticks on Youtube.

    1. I decided to pick this color after watching YouTube videos:)

  3. Ah! My parents are going to the UK next week and I was like, you have to go and pick me up some 17 products from Boots! They're so cute:)


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