1 Feb 2012

Review: L'OREAL Extra Volume Collagen Mascara (Black)

Before I start the review let me tell you that my camera is not working so I am taking pictures with my iphone4S,I am trying to get my camera fixed and if it still wont work I'll definitely buy a new one,till then please bear with the quality of pictures.This is a review of L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara(Black) which I bought almost three months back!

L'Oreal claims:The super sized brush and Hydra collagen enriched formula provides breathtaking volume,for more details visit L'Oreal website HERE .It is availble in four colors black brown,smokey black and waterproof black.   
                                                                                                                                               Packaging: The tube is black and round in the middle area and very simple,it looks like a high end product. I like the packaging.                       
Price & Availability: Rs.2335 (at Imtiaz Store Karachi)
Prices mentioned above are approximate,prices may vary depending on where you live and buy this product.                                                    
My Thoughts: This mascara falls under volumizing category and promises up to 12 times more impact...it provides good length but honestly volumizing is below average..the wand is very funky looking,very big that I find it a little harder to work with this brush because it doesn't pick shorter lashes of inner and outer corners of my eyes! Initially it didn't clump or smudged,I loved the staying power and that it gave awesome glow to my lashes,but the brush distributed my lashes in a way as if I have only five lashes.
We all want fuller looking lashes.. but the formula of this mascara is thin and I don't prefer thin formula when volume is required...so I kept it unused for a couple of weeks to let it thicken up and opened it a couple of times to check but it actually dried out just in three months,I am still using my other mascaras almost everyday which I bought 7-8 months ago and they still work fine(sounds gross but I don't throw away my products as long as they are working fine for me:P) now it smudge,clumps,it still doesn't give volume!I think its a below average mascara,I am not really impressed.It not very nice that it dried out so quickly and I just used it a couple of times:(  Iretails at RS.2335 in Pakistan that is US $.26 ????????????? anyone in US reading this review must be thinking I am not serious!at this price I wouldn't recommend you to buy this,there are better mascaras from Maybelline and Rimmel that you can enjoy under Rs.1200,if you are very adventurous you can give it a try.                                                                                                                                                                                 
L'Oreal is officially launched in Pakistan and here it acts like a high end brand,its a shame that most of the time they are out of testers and dont even have complete collection of products.Have you used any products from L'Oreal, don't you think they need to calm down about the prices of their products in Pakistan.


  1. It is so hard to find a good mascara, too bad this one doesn't cut it! I live in the US, and L'Oreal is a nice drugstore brand here; it doesn't compete with higher-end cosmetics, but is on the pricier side of inexpensive, easily accessible drugstore brands. I'm not a big fan of their mascaras or their Colour Riche lipsticks, but I like their glosses and the Infallible 24 Hour eyeshadows (they've been rolling these out under different names in different countries). Their basic eyeshadows tend to be mediocre, at best. Their foundations and powders are ok, but not worth paying premium prices for! Sorry for the essay on L'Oreal; just my opinions, I'm sure others have had different experiences with them. Let us know if you try anything else of theirs out, and how you like it!

    1. I have a few more products from L'Oreal that I am loving and I will share the reviews and I have already reviewed their shampoos,lipstick and primer and I love them,I just don't like how pricey they are in Pakistan and they don't even have a proper display:( but most of their products work well for me.

  2. I agree with Sari, it's very similar situation here in Cro, Europe like in US. They certanly should calm down there..
    I havent tried this mascara yet, but I'm using their Double extension and I love how it extends my eyelashes. has white part for care and normal, black one. maybe minus is that it comes only in black color.

  3. Loreal is very expensive here in Pakistan, but recently i have purchased loreal lip gloss from dubai (thinking is must be more expensive in Pakistan) aprrox for rs. 1800 and when i came back to islamabad and checked the price at d-watson the same lipgloss was available there for rs, 1500 approx, :-(


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