10 Apr 2011


hey girls....this is my first blog post and I thought this should be about my favorite product,I heard a lot of good reviews about Rimmel London Sexy Curve Mascara so I thought I should give it a try....Rimmel sexy curve mascara claims that its triple plump brush adds 3 times the curves for 70% curlier lashes and fixes the the curls for 12 hour hold, fabulously fuller and curved lashes...without clumping.

Rimmel makes pretty affordable and good mascaras...this one comes in a metallic purple,pretty and sleek tube.There is also a waterproof version of this mascara which comes in a metallic green tube....the long wand of this mascara has multiple curves,it has plastic bristles which separates and curve each lash and I like the size of the brush its not to big and not to small which makes it easy to get in the inner and outer corners of my lashes,the wand is long and flexible which I like because I'm not a fan of small and stumpy wands.The formula of this mascara is pretty good because its applies evenly and smoothly and it makes my eye lashes super curly,with this I dont need to use a curler,I only wish it was a little bit more volumizing but still its great,this is Super long lasting,no clumps,no smudging....now what else you want:) and the curls stays on as long as the mascara stays on....

this mascara delivers pretty much what it claims,it does give exceptional length,volume and curls,I love it!!I am not sure if this is available here in Pakistan because I  have not seen it anywhere(girls from Pakistan please let me know if you have seen it here because i will definitely repurchase it) and almost at $9 t it is available worldwide.


  1. hey,I just found your blog and love it, especially the product reviews :) i also love Rimmel products.love them !! :)

    1. can any one tell me from where i can buy this mascara in karachi.

    2. I saw it just once at Naheed super market Tariq road karachi and it was long time back...I have never seen it again anywhere:(


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