5 May 2011


One of the reason why I got attracted to MeMeMe blush boxes is because I love cute and girly packaging.These blushers are so attractive but this is just not enough so lets find out if these boxes have some magic inside.....MeMeMe is a British brand and it is available at superdrug,the blush boxes comes in four shades bronze,rough,coral and pink....I got the pink one:) the cardboard box also have a square brush and a mirror inside the lid.(I'm not sure of the material of the box,correct me if I'm wrong)

I'm impressed with the quality of the brush,it is very soft and feels nice on the cheeks,it's not just a scratchy brush that some companies place inside a blush compact just to increase the price tag....

The shade I have is a well pigmented barbie pink...when applied it blends effortlessly and smoothly...I love the sheen of this blush...it is a little frosty and shimmery but no big chunky glitters...my skin is oily so blushers won't stay on longer on my skin...but this blush has an amazing staying power though the sheen vanishes after some hours but the color stays there.....this is a good quality blush at £8.50 ...so get a gorgeous and subtle glow on your cheeks with blush me blush box.


  1. It looks very pretty - almost like it has a lilac/mauve undertone.

  2. Great review. I like colour and shimmer of the blush.

  3. thats looks so pretty nice review girl :)
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